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    Daniel Francis, Acclaimed Star of ‘Small Axe’ and ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3, Joins Sam Raimi’s Terrifying Cinematic Masterpiece ‘Don’t Move’

    An Unforgettable Encounter with Fear and Paralysis Unveiled in Raimi's Upcoming Horror Thriller

    In a groundbreaking announcement, Daniel Francis, renowned for his captivating performances in Steve McQueen’s highly acclaimed Small Axe anthology series and his upcoming role in the highly anticipated third season of Netflix’s blockbuster hit Bridgerton, has been cast in the spine-chilling horror thriller ‘Don’t Move.’ This bone-chilling production is a collaborative effort between the prestigious Raimi Productions helmed by Sam Raimi himself, Christian Mercuri’s esteemed Capstone Studios, and Alex Lebovici’s exceptional Hammerstone Studios.

    Joining forces with a stellar cast including Kelsey Asbille, known for her remarkable contributions to Yellowstone, Fargo, and Wind River, as well as the versatile Finn Wittrock, recognized for his enthralling performances in American Horror Story, The Big Short, and La La Land, ‘Don’t Move’ delves into the terrifying world of a seasoned killer. This relentless antagonist inflicts a grieving woman with a paralytic agent, setting in motion a desperate struggle for survival. As her body succumbs to the debilitating effects of the agent, she must navigate a treacherous path of evasion, confrontation, and concealment to outwit her merciless predator. Reports from Media revealed during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, indicate that Daniel Francis, who also captivated audiences in Netflix’s enthralling Harlan Coben thriller ‘Stay Close,’ will portray the role of a tenacious police officer within this heart-stopping feature. The film will be skillfully directed by the acclaimed duo of Adam Schindler and Brian Netto, renowned for their contributions to Raimi’s hair-raising horror anthology series ’50 States of Fright.’

    Penned by the masterful minds of T.J. Cimfel and David White, who astounded audiences with their riveting script for the Blumhouse horror-thriller ‘There’s Something Wrong With The Children,’ currently in the post-production phase for release in the forthcoming year, ‘Don’t Move’ promises an unforgettable encounter with fear, suspense, and the fragility of human existence.

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    With an extraordinary lineup of creative visionaries, this cinematic masterpiece is produced by the exceptional trio of Sam Raimi, Alex Lebovici, and Zainab Azizi, with the esteemed Sarah Sarandos, known for her involvement in the critically acclaimed ‘Uncut Gems,’ serving as an executive producer, lending her invaluable expertise to the project.

    The ambitious production of ‘Don’t Move’ is generously financed by Capstone Studios, with Capstone Global undertaking worldwide distribution rights, ensuring that this harrowing tale of survival reaches audiences around the globe.

    Daniel Francis, the epitome of talent and versatility, is represented by the prestigious Identity Agency Group, solidifying his prominent position in the entertainment industry and elevating his contribution to this gripping cinematic journey.

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