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    VIKI MILJKOVIC – I share the same blood type with Bosnia

    We had an interview with Violeta Viki Miljkovic after her extremely successful performance in Italy. And, of course, at the beginning we touched on the new season of “Zvezda Granda” and whether there are Bosnians in its new mentoring group.

    – Of course, there are, so my place is mostly competitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The same blood type binds me to BiH, as I like to say. I have nine candidates so far, and six of them are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think they are from Cazin, Bosanska Krupa, Texnja, Sarajevo, Orasje, Bratunac. It is still too early to talk about their further progress because we will sift through the first sieve in the second round. and until then they have three more shows to record. And, whether I will take someone else, I haven’t decided yet, because I don’t want to take many candidates. then not have time to work with them. I prefer to dedicate myself to the ones, I have in the right and adequate way, but to accumulate them. My husband Task and I work a lot, we travel, and we perform. We also have two other companies, so it is better to have a certain number of candidates so that I am always available for everything they need.

    You have listed a lot of things that you have to do, and there are also some other additional small jobs. If there were three Viki Miljkovics, they wouldn’t have achieved everything, but you still manage to do it all?

    – Yes, you’re right, but I’m used to living on 1,000 per hour and that’s great for me for now. I think that if she let off the gas a little, she would be crazy, that she wouldn’t feel well and that I would miss all of that. I like it this way and I wouldn’t change it.

    You said that you also have one candidate from Tesnj, does Nermin Handzic know about him and how he reacted?

    – Yes, of course, I told him and Nermin knows him. Nermin is always ready and willing to help everyone, including him, especially since he comes from his town. I didn’t even know that Nermin knew him because, at that moment when the show was being filmed, I didn’t see Nermin. The candidate’s name is Alen, and when I asked him on the show if he knew Nermin, he proudly said yes, of course. And I’m sure Nermin will help him.

    VIKI MILJKOVIC - I share the same blood type with Bosnia

    In your long-term career, you have had a lot of megahits, but at one time you also recorded two songs that had already been recorded and were sung by two Mirsadas. One is named Cizmic, the other Becirevic, and it is about the songs “Uspio si da me ranis” and “Ako ima pravde”.

    – I recorded them because I liked them. By the way, I have never met either Mirsada, and I would like to meet them. I once heard both songs in Vienna, and the song “Uspio si da me ranis” was offered to me by the composer of that song, I was delighted and recorded it. And, as for the second song “Ako ima pravde” by Mirsada Becirevic, Ceca and I used to sing that song very often when we were little and we loved it. The song was catchy and aggressive, and we both love that aggressive singing, and that’s why I recorded it with pleasure.

    You mentioned Ceca, how is she now in the new season of the competition, is she more relaxed, and actually how are you all acting as members of the jury now?

    – Well, in that first round, we were all very calm, very good, because we didn’t know on which television the competition would be broadcast, but I’m joking of course. In the first round, we are all still cautious, as I said, calm, but in the second round, the fight starts.

    Being a big star is on the one hand a privilege, but on the other hand, it is not very easy. You always have to think about your wardrobe, how and what to wear for each performance. What do you do with your clothes, do you share them with others after a certain time?

    – I once had a big problem because I only wore very small numbers, but now it’s not like that anymore. Well, for a while I used to dress up in the children’s department (laughs), so I could only give all that to the children. As for the stage wardrobe, I can’t give it to you, because ordinary people can’t wear it, because it’s too aggressive and aggressive it’s very stage-oriented. Yes, there is a big problem, because sometimes a man has to clean out his closets. When I started and when I started, I invested a lot of money in my wardrobe, and I see that is what these kids do today, and I support them.

    Was it difficult to remain “Viki from the people”?

    – I don’t think so, not at all. As they say, “good goods never spoil”, and this only manifests and shows itself even more over time. Fortunately, it manifested itself in me, that I am a normal and simple person from the people, because that is how I was brought up, brought up and I am proud of it. That’s how I try to raise my child even today. Well, when you look a little closer and look more closely at all the big stars, the big names are just normal people. All accomplished people in life have completely normal behavior, and unaccomplished people have this syndrome that they constantly prove themselves even in something that is unattainable and thereby conceal some of themself. I think that I am fulfilled in life as a mother, as a wife, and as a friend, and I can freely say as an artist. I think the point of performing and working on the stage is to stay normal.

    You are one of the few, or perhaps the only one, from the ZG jury that, after the victory of your candidate, actively got involved in his career. You didn’t let him down the drain?

    – Considering that I was educated and educated for this job, but I never worked as a professor or pedagogue, I didn’t even know how much this mentoring job fulfills me. I am happy to share the knowledge that I have and that I have acquired during my education with young people, and my husband Taske does the same. And now, through mentoring, all this has a point and a purpose. And, as for Nermina, it makes me and my husband so happy that we can help such a young and promising guy, who is only a couple of years older than our son. Pop life is full of challenges, we help him so that his fairy tale doesn’t end immediately after the finale, and we teach him to work and to one day become a serious big singing star, and that makes us happy together and advice to other mentors to follow the same path. We actively worked on his first song,

    VIKI MILJKOVIC - I share the same blood type with Bosnia

    And when will your new song be?

    -Immediately after Nermin’s promotion, there will be a promotion of my new song called “Pile moje”. It is a very interesting, striking song, the music video for it was made as an animated cartoon, it was shot after me, and I shot it in Malta in Popeye’s village. It is something completely new.

    Thanks for the conversation and I have to say you are always approachable and kind in conversation.

    – Thank you, Bato, and you are the same. You are a journalist in the true sense of the word and you always come to an interview prepared, unlike many of your colleagues who come unprepared. Many of them ask me both a question and an answer at the same time. And, at the same time, the questions are not interesting enough for someone to pay attention to them, and with you, it is always interesting”.

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