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    Shibarium’s Impending Launch Fuels Bullish Surge, Propelling BONE to New Heights

    Developer Shytoshi Kusama's Latest Announcement Sends Ripples Through Cryptocurrency Market, Indicating Potential for Memetic Tokens

    In an epoch-making proclamation on the digital frontier, visionary developer Shytoshi Kusama, through his widely followed Twitter account, has unveiled the eagerly awaited emergence of the highly-anticipated layer-2 blockchain Shibarium. An auspicious timeline has been set, with Shibarium’s live debut slated to coincide with an esteemed conference held in the vibrant city of Toronto, expected to transpire this August. The profound impact of this revelation has manifested in an extraordinary price surge of Bone ShibaSwap’s native cryptocurrency, aptly known as BONE, witnessing an astonishing 22% upsurge within a mere twenty-four-hour trading span, as meticulously tracked by the esteemed CoinMarketCap.

    As the current chronicle unfolds, the valuation of BONE currently resonates at an impressive $1.35, an extraordinary testament to the fruition of an immensely prosperous trading session. Furthermore, BONE has orchestrated an awe-inspiring rally, propelling its worth to unprecedented heights, and boasting a remarkable 40% appreciation over the course of the previous week. The meme-inspired token, adored by its fervent community, has also triumphantly demonstrated a staggering monthly performance that eclipses the realm of the ordinary, boasting a formidable 71% growth rate.

    Akin to the ceaseless march of progress, the twenty-four-hour trading volume of BONE has experienced a staggering ascent of 50%, gracefully ascending to an unprecedented sum of approximately $17,818,519. Regrettably, the historical zenith witnessed by BONE’s valuation, surging to a formidable $41.67 back in the halcyon days of September 2021, has witnessed a precipitous descent of more than 96%, bereft of its once-illustrious stature, ultimately settling at its current market value.

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    Beyond the confines of its native realm, Shibarium’s blockchain ecosystem will harness the potential of various tokens, notably BONE, alongside Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Doge Killer (LEASH). Evidently, the gravity of this recent revelation inevitably precipitates a discernible ripple effect, poised to reverberate throughout the myriad of memetic tokens that reside in the crypto verse, imbuing them with renewed vigor and relentless aspiration. Concurrently, SHIB, an esteemed cryptocurrency closely linked to the same meme-inspired domain, finds itself basking in an analogous trajectory of prosperity, as its price ascends to a commendable $0.000007347, following an impressive gain of 1.41%.

    Daily chart for BONE/USDT (Source: TradingView)

    In synchrony with SHIB’s ascendancy, LEASH, another formidable contender within the domain of memetic tokens, bears witness to its valuation surging to an exalted $345.40, an astounding surge of more than 13% within the past twenty-four hours. Not merely content with outshining its peers, LEASH unfurls its brilliance, surpassing the illustrious Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by 13.08% and 13.34%, respectively, in a vivid exhibition of its ascendancy.

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    Gallantly transcending barriers, BONE has successfully shattered the shackles of resistance at the threshold of $1.1632, defiantly usurping it and erecting an indomitable support level. With relentless zeal, BONE, in a climactic display of strength, has valiantly breached the formidable citadel located at $1.4302, ascending beyond the hallowed precipice to a pinnacle of $1.4800. Though momentarily retreating, it valiantly maintains its position above the besieged resistance line, undeterred by adversity.

    Should BONE maintain its prevailing momentum and triumphantly conclude the day with a daily candle closure above $1.4302, the tantalizing vista of reaching an ambitious $1.6008 beckons, casting a beguiling aura of possibilities for the forthcoming days. Alas, in the realm of speculation, a daily denouement below this formidable price point may portend a grievous correction, cascading the market value of BONE perilously close to the aforementioned nadir of $1.1632, a grim reminder of the vicissitudes inherent in the world of digital assets.

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