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    The folk singer with the “biggest bust” has a castle in Germany worth 10 million euros

    Singer Jana Todorovic and her husband Ivan, in addition to the villa in Jajinci and the castle in Germany, own three apartments in Belgrade, a house in Spain, but also real estate in Croatia and America.

    Jana Todorovic is one of the few singers who has everything they want, and they do not emphasize it publicly, nor do they brag about their wealth. Until a few years ago, people heard about a folk singer Jana who was making money at celebrations thanks to the hit “What will the singer want”, but she experienced real fame a few years ago after the songs “Luna, luna”, “Jana 2”, “Kuci, home ”and others. Since then, she has become more active in the media, and her engagements in clubs, discos and parties have been filled a year in advance. Luckily, Jana’s career is led by her husband Ivan, with whom she has been married since 1995, and all the money goes to one wallet.

    For years, people worked and saved, but also saved. The singer wisely spent and invested in real estate, so today she can boast of one of the richest on the stage who did not gamble money in a cafe, rags, angry cars…

    Jana and her family own a villa in Jajinci, in the neighborhood of Snezana Djurisic and Zorica Markovic. In addition to the perfect exterior, the folk singer also decorated the interior to her liking.

    However, as things stand, it is obvious that the Todorovics will move soon, because they currently own three apartments in Belgrade on the water. Jana and her husband allegedly bought a property in the building of Radisa Trajkovic Dani, which they paid 300,000 euros. According to stories in pop circles, Gianni suggested that they look at the apartments in the lamella in which he will live, which they did. After a week of talking to her colleague Jana and her husband, they went to a meeting with the sellers, looked at the offer and agreed.

    According to the media, Jana allegedly owns two more apartments in Belgrade on the water that she will allegedly rent out, and they are worth one million euros.

    The most expensive and attractive real estate of Todorovic, whose value is estimated at 10 million euros, is the castle “Kago Todorovic” in Postbauer-Heng, near Nuremberg in Germany. It is made in the Baroque style with a note of the Renaissance, as well as several towers that give it a special charm, and within the huge complex, there is a private lake.

    In addition to real estate in Belgrade and a castle in Germany, the Todorovic family also owns apartments in the United States, Croatia, and Spain.

    The singer is actually the daughter-in-law of Sveta Todorovic, a man who has empires in Munich and Belgrade. His villas, car parks, floors with clothes and shoes look like shopping malls because his late wife Berina, a native of Sarajevo, took care of her clothes. True, she was much younger than him, their wedding was attended by the world’s most eminent and prominent businessmen and media personalities, but Jana never mentions that.

    Her mother-in-law, the mother of her husband Ivan, also has a chain of beauty salons in Munich. And Jana doesn’t seem to think and doesn’t seem to be touched by the wealth she got by marriage, the wealth of her father-in-law who wanted her to stop singing and enjoying herself.

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