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    Where sunbathing and bathing famous Faces

    Dejana dives in the Red Sea, Maca flees as far as possible from the Balkans, Zerina plays for sure

    And while everyone is already accustomed to making life on social media look like a fairytale place, where everyone is eternally busy touring the planet, during the summer months the situation is especially intense.

    List of destinations

    When you look at the Instagram profiles of people from public life, it seems that their vacations are carefully planned and that nothing is left to chance.

    The situation is similar with famous TV personalities from our country.

    Every year, the blonde editor and leader of OBN, Dejana Rosuljas, make a list of countries and cities she will visit. She always sets aside three months for her vacation, so that she can be ready for work in the fall. This year she finally visited Egypt, which she had long wanted.

    I think that Egypt is intended, as they say, for visitors aged 7 to 77. So many activities are offered that you can never be bored. I wanted to dive into the Red Sea for a long time and it came true – says Dejana.

    She is currently in Sarajevo, but the summer days are ahead of her which she will fill with enjoyment on the sandy beach.

    Zerina Zabo, the host on TV, decided to go to Montenegro this year, after which she will go to Croatia.

    I have my constant, every summer, even this one, I go to Sutomore and Bar. Then Zaostrog and Makarska – that is somehow a safe solution for me – said Zabo.

    N1 editor and presenter Naida Kundurovic says that everything is different when you become a family woman. When she was younger, she had no boundaries and did not stay in one place. She knew how to travel for a month without stopping and, as she says, in a few days she visited all the cities of Montenegro, but now everything is different.

    Recently I was in Croatia only for the weekend, I don’t have anything concrete yet, but I know that it will be one of the neighboring countries – Naida told us.

    Foreign language

    Dragan Marinkovic Maca, who hosts the morning program at Pink, always chooses the option to spend the summer “as far away from the Balkans as possible”, as he says. The further away, the more one can relax.

    This year, America is going, where our language is not spoken and where no one knows me. Then I am the most relaxed – Maca points out.

    It is not a problem for him if he has to spend even more than eight hours on the plane if he will have a good time.

    At the neighbor’s

    Amina Hodzic , host of the central news show Dnevnik Nova, decided to go to a neighboring country, ie Croatia. She visited an ancient city that is considered one of the most beautiful, and that is Dubrovnik. People of different profiles from all over the world are happy to opt for this destination, this city seems to float on the wide-open sea, accompanied by proud and evergreen islands.

    Beautiful sea

    Adrijana Bikic, the host of the magazine Nova IN, which is broadcast on Nova, recently visited Spain, a country with amazing nature, temperamental inhabitants, and beautiful sea. Andrijana visited one of the most beautiful countries with an even more beautiful occasion, which is the celebration of the wedding anniversary. We have no doubt that the hostess enjoyed with her husband in a place like this that offers an unforgettable pastime.

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