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    Mirela Kardasevic – she can spend seven minutes and 30 seconds underwater

    Mirela Kardasevic (34) from Zagreb breaks all stereotypes about women as the weaker sex. She is a single mother of two boys, aged ten and nine, and is successful in digital marketing. She is employed in an American company and has a master’s degree in international business. In addition, the impressive results he achieves in diving cause the enthusiasm of the public, both in Croatia and in our region. As she said in an interview for a magazine, her first dive was 50 meters long, and now she has set a world record of 206 meters. Mirela holds all national records, and for the third time, she is also the vice world champion. In addition, she can hold her breath underwater for as long as seven minutes and 30 seconds.

    You have set a new world record in diving, in the discipline of dynamics without fins, you can stay underwater for seven and a half minutes. That result is amazing and admirable. When did the love of diving appear?

    – In March, I set my sixth world record in finless dynamics, which is now 206 meters. The dive itself takes four minutes on the move. When I do statics, that is, holding my breath without moving, in a calm state, I can hold my breath for seven minutes and 30 seconds. As in any sport, these results do not come easily. With enormous effort, work, and sacrifice, with many ups and downs, I have managed to create a great career so far. I’ve always loved being underwater, I found peace and quiet when I dived, and it always appealed to me. Before I started diving, I was not in the pool for eight years, so I believe that some things in life took me in the direction of diving at the right time – says Kardasevic in the first interview for this magazine.

    Do you remember the first dive, how much time did you spend underwater?

    – I first dived four years ago and then I surfaced 50 meters, I think the dive itself lasted about one minute. And from those 50 meters, I came to 206. I immediately fell in love with diving and I think that those 30 years before I started diving, formed me into the person I am today, since diving is an extremely difficult and primarily mental sport, and then physically. So we have to have a solid character, a small ego, and be very modest. As we push our own, and at the same time human, boundaries, we must be aware that not everyone can do that and that we need to go step by step when pushing those boundaries.

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