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    The presenter had 400 surgeries in 12 years, the former burning her face with acid

    Katie Piper endured what few could

    British presenter and influencer Katie Piper, 37, recently had her 400th operation to repair the effects of an attack she suffered 12 years ago when a man hired by her ex-boyfriend threw sulfuric acid in her face.

    -Her eye is recovering well, she is in the mood and cannot thank the incredible medical team enough. This time, the operation was performed on the eyelid – said the manager of the famous British woman.

    The presenter is currently in hospital, in order to prevent any infection, writes “Mirror”.

    Brave Katie Paper completely lost her sight in her left eye in the attack, and due to complications, she had to operate on another healthy eye.

    At the time of the attack, she was at the beginning of her leadership and modeling career and enjoyed immense popularity. She also had the title of Miss Winchester in her hands, so that the sinister plan of her then-boyfriend Daniel Lynch would interrupt everything.

    Lynch was the organizer of the attack on her, and before the heinous act he committed another crime, he abused and raped Katie for eight hours.

    He was eventually arrested and sentenced to life in prison. The minimum sentence he must serve, even if he receives a pardon, is 16 years.

    Katie hid from the public after the horrific attack, and then she gathered the strength to continue. The skin on her face was reconstructed with numerous operations, after which she returned to small screens. How brave she is is shown by the fact that she hosted a show that helped people who experienced the same attack as her.

    -When I compare myself to other women my age, I have felt so much pain, joy, and euphoria in these short 36 years. But it gave me unwavering confidence, the knowledge that whatever happens in my life, I am able to recover from it – she said in an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” last year.

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