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    The most beautiful model spoke about the sexual abuse she survived

    I felt his fingers enter me

    American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski (29) has accused photographer Jonathan Leder of sexual harassment that allegedly took place in 2012 at his home.

    Ratajkowski made the accusation in a lengthy essay she wrote for New York magazine, which was published on Tuesday. In it, the model claims that the then agent sent him to Leder’s home for an unpaid recording for Darius magazine and that this engagement required him to sleepover in the agent’s home.

    The model says that upon arrival she found out that she would be posing for underwear. Wanting to look more mature, then 20-year-old Ratajkovski accepted the red wine that Leder offered her during the evening.

    – I have been taught that it is important to gain the reputation of a good worker who does not whine – Ratajkovski wrote.

    The model claims that Leder told her after the shooting in her underwear: – Let’s try now without clothes.

    – The same second after I took off my clothes, a part of me turned off – Ratajkovski writes.

    Later, when the make-up artist who worked on the filming went to sleep, Ratajkovski says that she felt as if she was completely awake, but “very, very drunk”.

    – I remember most of what happened through the fog. Only that feeling is clear to me. I don’t remember us kissing, but I do remember that his fingers were suddenly inside me. Tighter and tighter, pushing and pushing them like no one had done before, and no one after him. I could feel my shape and it really hurt. I instinctively grabbed his arm and forcibly pulled him out of me. I didn’t say anything. He got up and quietly retreated to the upper floor – said the model.

    The PR of the publisher of the company she cooperated with said that the accusations made by Ratajkovski were false.

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