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20 star images with “predatory” prints – good and bad

It is not possible for everyone to establish relations with wildlife, and in the matter of taming “predatory” prints, stars are often defeated. Good luck happens, like Heidi Klum’s – here the stylists have worked. And in our selection – 20 images of stars with animalistic prints – successful and not so. More photos – in our gallery!


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner practices leopard total looks often, but the style of one of her shootings for her own cosmetics brand has received a lot of criticism. The Russian-speaking part of the audience called the model “Galey from the grocery store” and accused Beyoncé of copying the bows. Leopard carpet on the floor and on the wall, “spotted” tights and bras are difficult to get along in one pride.

Mikhail Galustyan

“Wild” at the “MUZ-TV Awards” and Mikhail Galustyan, who made his way through the jungle of cameras and fans in a leopard total look. Everything in his outfit was screaming, or rather, growling – a shirt, trousers, and even loafers, exactly repeating the color of the suit.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears, apparently, took up the analysis of the wardrobe and got unexpected curiosities from its very depths. Their pop diva is relentlessly featured on her blog, filming energetic catwalks and dancing in pink boas, micro-skirts and catsuits. The star turned into a Catwoman with the help of the latter, leaving no room for imagination.


Valeria went on vacation to Dubai fully armed – not in cold Moscow to walk outfits from big brands. Bottega Veneta mules, somewhat reminiscent of Dutch klomps, fit into the image with a “spotted” total look based on the dress with “dramatic” sleeves, although they are very fashionable and for 72,000 rubles. The followers did not appreciate the trick and instead of compliments, they presented the singer with caustic sarcasm.

Masha Malinovskaya gets along with a family of felines and in such an outfit would pass for “her own” in any jungle, except for urban ones. This TV presenter did not bother – posing on the street in a bodysuit and boots is easy!

Fashion fiasco allows not only celebrities but also the first ladies, whose style claims to be impeccable. For example, Jill Biden has been seen more than once in style pranks – with fishnet tights, leather skirts and mini lengths. Details with the photo

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