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    The Journey of Aurora Kiba – From Moscow Schools to London Fashion

    Aurora Kiba's Path: Design, Music, and the Spotlight with Grigory Leps

    On the eve of his 62nd birthday, Grigory Leps attended two social events accompanied by his 18-year-old companion, Aurora Kiba. Speculation among gossip circles and fans of the People’s Artist swirls: is Leps fostering his friend’s daughter’s career (“Aurora’s dad is a wealthy businessman”) or has he genuinely fallen in love? Aurora Kiba, however, is not idling away her time; she’s capitalizing on the increased attention, boosting her social media profiles and even hiring a manager for promotional activities. Here’s an update on the young beauty’s life.

    Aurora Kiba plans to pursue higher education after completing school, opting for a career in fashion design. She has enrolled at the prestigious London College of Fashion (UAL), where the academic year runs from mid-September to mid-April, with tuition fees nearing $20,000 (approximately 1 million 762 thousand rubles). Having previously attended the Moscow School of Economics under an international program, Aurora’s longstanding passion for design facilitated her seamless entry into her chosen field.

    Incidentally, the striking red dress she wore while accompanying Leps on the red carpet at a music awards event was her own creation. Earlier reports suggesting her enrollment at MGIMO turned out to be inaccurate; her sights are firmly set on the fashion industry, aspiring to be a designer and occasionally dabbling in music.

    Aurora Kiba boasts about bouquets from her beloved man
    Aurora Kiba boasts about bouquets from her beloved man. But she hasn’t yet revealed who he is and who Leps is to her – a friend of her father or a lover[Photo: social]
    Decades ago, Leps and Timati sang, “I’ll go live in London, I’ll dream of Moscow…” While patriot Grigory Viktorovich may not be relocating to London, Kiba is determined to realize her dream.

    In another of Leps’s songs, he croons, “I raise my hands – I want to surrender to you. After all, you are so beautiful at eighteen…” Should Grigory Viktorovich decide to marry, he would set a new record among couples with significant age disparities: Dmitry Dibrov is 31 years older than his wife Polina, Andrei Konchalovsky is 36 years older than Yulia Vysotskaya, and Alexander Gradsky was 33 years older than his wife Marina. Leps turns 62 in July, while Aurora turned 18 this year, marking a staggering 44-year age difference – a record in its own right.

    Aurora continues to intrigue and amuse followers on social media with her responses to numerous inquiries about whether hers and Leps’s relationship is a publicity stunt or a genuine love affair: “Time will tell…”

    It’s worth recalling that rumors of a relationship between Aurora and the People’s Artist surfaced when they made a joint appearance, arm in arm, at a music awards ceremony. When asked by a red carpet host if Aurora was his fiancée, Leps responded, “She hasn’t decided yet, but most likely, yes…”

    Kiba leverages her social media presence, attracting followers with posts about her connection with the star: “I’ve grown up in privileged conditions and don’t rely on anyone else’s wealth or fame. Comments like ‘best grandpa’ don’t faze me at all. Friends, I hate to disappoint you—I have a strong sense of self-worth. I’m not just ‘Grigory Leps’s new fling’ or a backup plan. Besides, has Leps even proposed to anyone? Exactly. That means something—think about it, friends. I have clear goals in life, and one of them is to have a family: strong, supportive, with traditions, so that in good times and bad…”

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