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    Argentina’s Pivotal Election: Milei and Massa Battle for Presidency Amid Economic Crisis

    enhancing oil, gas, and lithium production, streamlining the tax system, and reducing overall spending while increasing investment in education and job training. His austerity measures, however, are contradicted by recent tax cuts and bonuses to workers, leading to criticism of these policies as irresponsible during an economic crisis.

    What has Mr. Milei said about election fraud?

    Milei has been vocal, albeit without substantiating evidence, about being defrauded of over a million votes in a primary election last August, equating to about 5% of the total votes. He also contends that the first round of the general election was rigged against him.

    He alleges that fraudulent activities at polling stations have tampered with and damaged his ballots, obstructing his supporters from voting for him. Despite his claims, election officials have disputed these allegations, and his campaign has not provided substantial evidence. The legal director of his campaign acknowledges only a handful of formal complaints from voters.

    Recently, Milei’s campaign intensified its claims, filing a legal document alleging “colossal fraud” and accusing Argentine officials of altering votes from Milei to Massa, based on anonymous sources.

    Milei has also expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 U.S. election and the 2022 Brazil election, both marred by unfounded fraud claims leading to violent episodes in their respective countries.

    As the election approaches, there’s apprehension about the potential reactions of Milei’s supporters if he loses. His supporters have planned protests outside the election agency after the polls close on Sunday.

    On Friday, Milei accused Massa’s incumbent party of desperate attempts to retain power, warning that his administration would firmly enforce justice if he wins the election.

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