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    Dylan O’brien unveils transformation for ponyboi role at sundance

    Dylan O'Brien Discusses Dramatic 'Ponyboi' Makeover at Sundance Film Festival

    Los Angeles, January 21, 2024 – At the Sundance Film Festival, Dylan O’Brien, known for his roles in “Teen Wolf” and “The Maze Runner,” revealed the intricate process behind his dramatic transformation for the film “Ponyboi.” In a candid interview with The Media, O’Brien, alongside his co-star River Gallo, who also penned the script, delved into the collaborative effort that led to his character’s striking new look.

    The transformation, which quickly caught the public’s attention after set photos went viral in 2022, marked a significant departure from O’Brien’s familiar style. His new look for the film included a close fade haircut, eyebrow slits, an array of chains, and a distinctively shaved chin strap beard. This drastic change was a far cry from his signature shaggy hair and beard, showcasing his commitment to the role.

    O’Brien shared that the character’s hair and costume design were a joint effort between himself, Gallo, and director Esteban Arango. Gallo initially envisioned a look inspired by “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D, aligning with the film’s New Jersey backdrop. However, O’Brien had a different vision, suggesting cropped hair for his character. “We had this barber do this really cool cut on me that just sort of combined all,” O’Brien recalled. He then turned to Gallo, reminiscing, “Remember that day in the trailer? We were doing like the goatee and you were like, ‘Leave the chin strap.’ I was like, ‘Sure.’ And then you fought for the chinstrap and kept it, thankfully, because I love it.”

    Gallo’s influence extended beyond hair styling to other aspects of O’Brien’s appearance. “River literally texted me about a tattoo idea that early on when I first came on board and I was like, ‘I love it,’ and I’ll leave it as a surprise,” O’Brien added, highlighting the depth of their collaboration.

    This comprehensive transformation played a pivotal role in O’Brien’s portrayal of his character. He explained how these physical changes were instrumental in understanding and embodying the role. “It just kind of came together and really informed me. I mean, those things just helped so much, especially with something that was a departure for me, for sure and it’s not who I am by any means,” he said. “I definitely felt like I knew exactly… I knew this guy. I knew kids like this. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. But all those things just really evolve as you start the process comes together and the tattoos come in and the hair and the clothes, my fit. I could never have stepped into the role in the way that I ended up doing without all those pieces in the process.”

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