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    Enchanting Alka Vuica Reflects on Her Inaugural Kiss- A Bewildering Encounter Resembling a Bovine Caress

    The Recollections of a Noteworthy Croatian Songstress Illuminate the Spectrum of First Kiss Reminiscences

    In the tapestry of recollections that interweave the human experience, the inaugural kiss occupies a profound niche, an indelible memory that shapes the narrative of countless lives. The memory of this seminal moment varies vastly; for some, a tender remembrance, while for others, a disconcerting encounter, often manifesting as a poignant recollection.

    Harkening back to the corridors of her youth, Croatian virtuoso of melodies, the venerable Alka Vuica, now in the full bloom of her sixty-second year, graciously shares an anecdote that navigates the spectrum of these inaugural kiss reminiscences. In an exclusive dialogue with Nova TV’s IN Magazin, she casts light upon a memory that stands as a fascinating juxtaposition of vulnerability and amusement.

    “I can vividly recollect my first kiss, an experience that, regrettably, bore an aura of bewilderment. It transpired on a rustic bench in the quaint vicinity of Buje. This particular chapter of my life unfolded during my nascent foray into high school, in the company of my inaugural paramour. Neither he nor I possessed the finesse to orchestrate a kiss of substance; instead, what ensued can only be described as an overabundance of earnest but clumsy attempts. Such was the extent of our embrace that it culminated in an inadvertent bout of tissue-assisted cleansing,” elucidates Vuica with a wry grin. In her candid revelation, she metaphorically paints a vivid picture, likening the experience to an ungainly encounter with a bovine.


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    The encounter, though marked by a hint of adversity, catalyzed a transformation, propelling her toward mastering the art of amorous expression. “One might even allude to it as a calamity, albeit a catalytic one. It prodded me to engage in assiduous endeavors, honing my skills in the realm of the passionate, eventually culminating in the creation of the resonant composition ‘Jer ti se ljubis na so good’,” jests Vuica. Her jest alludes to the cultural terrain of music, referencing the celebrated hit “Ti se ljubis” authored by Bajaga and Instructor, with whom she shared a fervent romantic affiliation spanning four years.

    Within this period of shared intimacy, Alka’s symphonic collaboration with Bajaga birthed the exquisite composition “Where the Danube Kisses the sky,” a magnum opus that resonated deeply with audiences, encapsulating the essence of romance. It manifested as one of the crowning achievements of the illustrious Josipa Lisac’s oeuvre, etching an indomitable imprint upon the annals of musical history.

    “The days of our youth were imbued with a poignant lyricism. We channeled our ardor into crafting verses that pulsated with authenticity, a poignant testament to our affection. Certain compositions transmuted into anthems, resonating across the auditory landscapes of many. As for authorship, propriety bids me abstain from delineating the precise genesis of each verse; however, I am delighted to unveil a glimpse into my creative overtures directed towards Bajaga. Among the lyrical treasures that emerged from the crucible of our emotions, ‘Where the Danube kisses the sky’ stands as an emblematic ode,” discloses the venerable artist, her reminiscences resonating with a mellifluous cadence.

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    Despite the passage of temporal currents that have since drawn them apart, the enduring tapestry of friendship thrives unabated. Vuica asserts, “The vicissitudes of time may have ushered us along divergent trajectories, yet the tapestry of camaraderie remains unblemished. Momo, an indomitable confidant, stands as a testament to this enduring bond. Our exchanges, though intermittent, remain poignant; we convene to deliberate upon compositions, an echo of the harmony that underpinned our shared history. It is an affirmation of my belief that the substance of love is an immutable energy, undergoing metamorphosis, but never truly extinguishing. The embers of infatuation might wane, yet the luminescence of authentic affection persists unfalteringly.”

    Reports, as chronicled in media, reveal that within the chronicles of collaboration, Bajaga’s creative genius bestowed a melodic legacy upon Vuica. Compositions of note include the mellifluous reverie “Because you kiss in such a good way,” alongside the enchanting harmonies of “Shut Up” and the introspective strains of “On the Other Side of the Pillow.”

    As the sun’s gentle embrace imbues the ambience with warmth, Alka Vuica’s sentiment finds resonance in the bountiful season of summer—a temporal epoch innately intertwined with the tapestry of love’s delicate dance. “Verily, summer epitomizes the season of passion. Its canvas is painted with hues of vibrancy, rendering it a veritable canvas for romantic pursuits. The vernal zephyrs lend an aura of sensuality, the diaphanous fabrics of attire offering an embodiment of casual elegance,” muses Vuica with an eloquent smile.

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    In the intricate mosaic of human emotions, where love is both a universal aspiration and a deeply personal journey, Alka Vuica’s musings stand as a poignant reflection on the myriad shades of affection. Through her anecdotes, she bridges the chasm between youthful inexperience and the crescendo of refined emotions, epitomizing the perpetual quest for connection that reverberates across generations.

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