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    from cowboycore to faux fur extravagance- trends that dominated london fashion week 2024

    Explore the Highlights of London Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2024

    In its 40th year, London Fashion Week, showcasing emerging talents and paying homage to the iconic designers who have shaped the industry. The event concluded on Tuesday, leaving fashion enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

    At the Central Saint Martins Masters degree show, the runway turned into a spectacle of the peculiar and enchanting. Jonathon Ferris, a menswear design student, captivated onlookers with a “Being John Malkovich” moment, featuring models donning identical masks resembling the designer. Maximilian Raynor’s graduate collection revealed a militant fallen angel, complete with bells woven into knitted wings. Harris Reed, unofficially claiming the opening spot, served whiskey cocktails inspired by Victoriana and 19th-century shadow puppets at the Tate Britain.

    Nostalgia played a significant role this season, with Gen Z designers Conner Ives and Sinead Gorey incorporating Apple relics into their creations. Erdem’s collection, inspired by American-Greek soprano Maria Callas, showcased antiquated elegance with elbow gloves, theatrical scarf drapes, and opera wraps. Jonathan Anderson, a London Fashion Week veteran, embraced nostalgia with silver permed wigs, evoking a bygone era of British life.

    Coiled silver wigs were a mainstay at the JW Anderson show
    Coiled silver wigs were a mainstay at the JW Anderson show (Photo: CNN)

    Burberry’s show transported guests back to the 2000s, featuring Amy Winehouse’s music and millennial models like Lily Cole and Agyness Deyn gracing the runway.

    Cowboycore emerged as a pervasive trend, with Western wear making appearances in various forms. Edward Crutchley showcased cowboy hats in different styles, including ones crafted from a woven Moroccan wall-hanging by Stephen Jones. Molly Goddard incorporated Western-themed shirts and leather cowboy boots into her signature tulle dresses.

    Faux fur took the spotlight on London runways, with Simone Rocha’s “The Wake” exploring Queen Victoria’s mourning dress. Conner Ives paired faux fur shawls with casual wear, while Sinead Gorey adorned corsets and bras with dyed polyester fur, creating winter lingerie.

    At Conner Ives, faux fur shawls and hoods brought a touch of winter glamour to the collection. Ik Aldama
    At Conner Ives, faux fur shawls and hoods brought a touch of winter glamour to the collection. Ik Aldama (Photo: CNN)

    High fashion hiking made a unique statement, combining form and function. Designer Johanna Parv aimed to cover wearers for all eventualities, designing tops that can stretch over backpacks and insulated mini-skirts for cyclists. Burberry’s collection by Daniel Lee featured outerwear in thick, cozy fabrics like fleecy wool, shearling, and moleskin.

    Irish designer Robyn Lynch reinvented raincoats and anoraks in collaboration with C.P. Company, upcycling past collections and adding layers of knitwear. Simone Rocha transformed a nylon windbreaker into a voluminous ball gown, showcasing the fusion of practicality and style.

    As London Fashion Week unfolded its Fall-Winter 2024 showcases, the fashion world witnessed a tapestry of creativity, nostalgia, and innovative design. Stay tuned to MegaloPreneur Magazine for more news and updates from the realm of Fashion & Luxury.

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