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    Kolomoisky prepares for revenge in the USA-NFP filled up the claims of the Economic Court of Kiev

    The next hearing on the claims of NFP will be held on October 15

    Kolomoisky’s Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant (NFP) filed 39 claims of the same type with the Economic Court of Kyiv, requiring Privatbank to recognize the company’s credit obligations as fulfilled.

    Obtaining positive court verdicts will strengthen Kolomoisky’s position during hearings in the United States, where he is charged with fraud and money laundering on a large scale, and NFP is a key enterprise in many schemes.

    “The fraudulent scheme in Privatbank existed for years, enterprises received credit lines,” took out “money from the bank, split the amounts – something was laundered, something was redistributed among other companies of the Privat group. And this scheme existed for so long due to the fact that these loans were repaid at the expense of new loans received from the bank. That is why the claims were split into specific loan agreements under which it would be easiest to get a decision that the NZF really returned the money to the bank. In fact, the court was given only pieces of a huge puzzle, they are completely uninformative and do not allow assessing the entire fraud scheme as a whole. that specific loans were indeed repaid and the enterprise has no obligations to the bank that will help Kolomoisky during his court hearings in the United States “,

    In the text “FBI vs Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov” A News Magazine described the fraudulent schemes imputed by the FBI to the former owners of Privatbank, including the NFP. After reading the diagram, the attentive reader will understand that the FBI has a sufficient body of data to understand that it will not be possible to justify itself by repaying the loans of one enterprise. But court decisions confirming this can really complicate the course of the case. The main question is whether the Ukrainian judges understand the full scale of both what happened and what is happening?

    The next hearing on the claims of NFP will take place on October 15. And we promise that we will closely monitor the progress of these ships.

    Latest Posts


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