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    RUSSIAN BUSINESSMAN STUCK OFF FOR SANDROM RESIC – He wants his wife and takes her to Moscow!

    Sandra Resic allegedly caught a rich Russian on the Montenegrin coast, he is enchanted by her, he wants to marry her and take her to Moscow.

    Sandra Resic spent ten days on the Montenegrin coast, but she could not even dream that she would seduce a rich Russian who allegedly proposed to her. The singer met the businessman at the concert of Ceca Raznatovic, and two days later he told her that he wanted to take her to Moscow, where he otherwise lives and has hotels.

    – Sandra was with friends at Ceca’s performance in a booth, and next to her was a Russian who is 37 years old. He noticed Sandra as soon as she arrived. Not that she was left immune either, she also cast an eye on him and there was a bit of flirtation on her part as well. At one point he sent her champagne with a message. He wanted to meet her, to which Sandra agreed. They talked for about ten minutes and exchanged numbers. His name is Mikhail, he was a real gentleman and he is very striking and handsome – reveals the source Stara, and the media reports and continues:

    – Sandra called the next day and asked them to go to dinner, but she already had an organized evening, so they only saw each other after two days. He is enchanted by Sandra, they are in contact, but he was very direct, he said that he wanted to marry her and take her to Moscow because he lives there, he has some hotels. He likes the way she thinks, what plans she has for the future, and what an independent girl she struggles and works for. Sandra was shocked when he told her that he wanted to marry her, she explained to him that it was best for them to be in touch, so he would see what and how to proceed. He told her that he would come to Belgrade in September to get to know each other better. Sandra had to return to Belgrade, he is in Budva and it is not excluded that he will come and surprise her. He really liked her and he writes to her all day and gives her compliments, and she is not immune either, she likes it all – said a source close to Sandra.

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