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    Many women fail to realize the full potential of makeup- 5 Mistakes

    Many women fail to realize the full potential of makeup. These are the most common mistakes women over 40 make when applying makeup

    According to the expert, women over 40 make these mistakes most often when applying makeup

    Have you seen women over 40 in makeup adverts lately? If so, how often? You are sure to notice by now that women over 40 are far too little integrated into the advertising of big brands.

    The make-up artist Elise Marquam Jahns specializes in make-up for precisely this age group for women and is outraged by this fact. She notices in her customers that many of the make-up habits that they acquired several decades ago have not changed since then. But more mature skin not only needs its own care but also special make-up products and techniques.

    These are the most common makeup mistakes made by women over 40

    1. Use blush incorrectly

    Aside from the fact that skin color can change over time and you should therefore adapt your blush to this new skin tone, many women also wear the blush in the wrong place. It is advisable to use cream rouge and not to apply it to the “apple cheeks” at the front, but rather a little further back and on top of the cheekbones. This visually tightens the face.

    2. Forget eyebrows

    Full eyebrows add definition to the face. Since hair may become sparse with age, it is particularly important to fill it in with a suitable eyebrow product. The focus here should be on the back of the brow.

    3. Choose the wrong lipsticks

    While matte lipsticks are very trendy, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for women over 40. Shiny, colored tones are much more flattering because they create more fullness and freshness. Matte and nude-colored lipsticks make the wearer look older.

    4. Make up the eyelids as before

    Over time, the area around the eyes changes, and the skin becomes a little slacker. Here, too, makeup can visually open the eyes: apply a light color on the eyelid and under the eyebrow. Darker tones should be set high enough so that they also come into their own with drooping eyelids. The way you apply the eyeshadow is also important: instead of wiping from the inside out, it is better to make circular movements so that all areas are covered.

    5. Omit eyeliner

    Many women say goodbye to eyeliner over time – unfortunately! Because this can, when applied correctly, enlarge and open the eye wonderfully. If an exact line is difficult, you can also use a beveled small brush and apply the eyeliner paint on it. Or you can intentionally smudge the line a bit with a cotton swab to create a natural look. Creamy textures are suitable for this. Brown tones also look most beautiful on women over 40, as they look particularly natural and soft.

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