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    Now comes the “Tigereye Shag” with golden highlights for more shine in the hair

    The shag has been one of the hottest haircuts for some time now. It wasn’t always like this, but in the last two years, layered cuts have become extremely popular as they are perfect for giving your hair more volume. However, the fact that hair color plays at least as important a role is shown by a new trend haircut that we are sure we will see quite often in autumn 2023. We’re talking about the “Tigereye Shag”.

    This is what the “Tigereye Shag” looks like

    What sounds totally elaborate and experimental at first is a totally natural hairstyle that gives your look a very special charm. Hairstylist Khaled Hamid explains exactly what the “Tigereye Shag” is and how it is done. He is an expert in hair care, color and cutting and is known for his helpful haircare tips on Instagram.

    “The ‘Tigereye Shag’ symbolizes our longing for freedom and courage in today’s complex times,” Khaled Hamid tells us and shows himself in a video on Instagram what it looks like in the form of a hairstyle aka the “Tigereye Shag”:

    What is the Tigereye Shag?

    We have now seen the trend hairstyle, but what exactly is behind it? First of all: She has nothing to do with the tiger. “This look is particularly special because of the color, which is characterized by the tiger eye gemstone,” explains Khaled Hamid. “It consists of warm, golden blonde highlights in the front area of ​​the face and is underlined with a cool, chocolatey brown as the base tone.”

    Who does the hairstyle suit?

    Of course, as always, if you feel like making a change, you should never let yourself be held back by whether a hairstyle should suit you or not – the main thing is that you feel comfortable. In general, however, you can say that the “Tigereye Shag” is more of a hairstyle for extroverts. “This shag variant goes well with courageous people who want to show off their self-confidence. The styles “Classic Chic” and “Boho” are suitable for clothing and accessories. “After all, the hairstyle is very active and playful, but retains something very elegant thanks to the earthy colors,” is the expert’s assessment.

    And what about the hair structure? Can everyone wear the trend? “For a shag of any type you need at least normal wavy to curly hair. If you have very little or very straight hair, then the ‘Tigereye Shag’ is not the right choice.”

    How do I style the “Tigereye Shag” correctly?

    “The beauty of this style is that it looks cool in different shapes.” If you’re looking for something playful and moving, then a curl styling cream and a diffuser are perfect. On days when you feel elegant and classy or when you have important events or meetings coming up, you can blow dry your hair with a round brush. “In this condition, the color comes into its own even more because the surface of the hair is smoothed and therefore shines more!” says Khaled Hamid.

    Last but not least, the hair expert also has a tip for finding the right products for your hairstyle: “Use a leave-in product that contains silicone before blow-drying your hair!” The silicones lie around your hair and seal it . This means that blow-drying is much easier and the hair feels silky.”

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