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    Is the unification of the princely couple from Monaco on the horizon

    Princess Charlene of Monaco is still in South Africa where she has spent the past months due to the inability to return to Monaco. She is recovering from sinus surgery in her homeland.

    A few days ago, her husband Albert and children – twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella – arrived to visit her, which the princess immediately bragged about on social media.

    I’m excited

    This princely couple has been separated since May last year, when the princess fell ill and had to stay in South Africa. Far from children and wives, in addition to fighting for recovery, the Monegasque princess had to deny rumors of separation mostly because of Albert’s affair and even three illegitimate children.

    Charlene has now shared family photos on Instagram and made it known that she has the support of her husband, with whom she has been married for ten years, at all times.

    – I am very excited that my family is with me again – the princess commented through new photos.

    Just a few days ago, she underwent another operation, which lasted just over four hours under general anesthesia.

    Throughout the separation, the European princess was in constant communication with her family in Monaco.

    – My daily conversations with Albert and the children help me a lot to lift my spirits. Albert is the main pillar of my life and my strength, without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this painful moment – said the princess.

    Charlene has been in her native South Africa since January, which has added fuel to the fire with speculations about marital problems. Prince Albert has been appearing alone at public events ever since.

    In a conversation with the host of South African Radio 702, Mandy Wiener, the princess said that she could not force her recovery and that she would have to wait another three months until she returned home.

    She got an infection

    – I was supposed to be here for 10 to 12 days, but I had ear problems. I found out from the doctor that I have a sinus infection and it is quite serious. So it will take time to solve this problem – said Charlene earlier for the magazine.

    She was preparing for dental implants, and her sinuses were raised during the surgery, which caused her to become infected during the spring and continue her treatment in South Africa.

    “I can’t force recovery, so I will stay in South Africa until the end of October,” she said as a guest on South African radio.

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