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    The saddest princess in the world – is in stable condition after ending up in hospital

    She was “rushed to hospital by ambulance Wednesday night to Thursday after fainting from complications related to a severe ear, nose, and throat infection she contracted in May

    Princess Charlene of Monaco (Charlene), who was urgently hospitalized in South Africa after fainting, is in stable condition, the Monegasque Palace has announced.

    The wife (43) of Prince Albert of Monaco was admitted late Wednesday night under a pseudonym to a hospital in Durban after fainting in the accommodation where she has been staying for several months in South Africa.

    She was “rushed to hospital by ambulance on Wednesday night after fainting due to complications related to a severe ear, nose, and throat infection she received in May,” the statement said.

    -Princess’s medical team is conducting tests, but she is stable, added the organization based in South Africa. The Monegasque prince’s cabinet also announced that her current condition is “calming”.

    The princess had an operation last month, the details of which have not been released.

    Prince Albert and their children were with her during her recovery.

    “Doctors are still trying to determine what exactly happened,” Chantell Wittstock, the association’s director, told France Presse, specifying that the weakness occurred during the princess’s recovery from the operation.

    The former swimmer, born in 1978, married Prince Albert of Monaco in 2011. Their son Jacques is the heir to the throne of the Grimaldi dynasty.

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