Thursday, May 16, 2024

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    Google Maps plans to make travel easier: Pay tolls, buy public transport tickets…

    In addition to accurately calculating toll and travel ticket prices, Google Maps will soon allow users to pay with Google Pay.

    Google has announced the introduction of a very important option that will first become available to users of the program at a glance in Google Maps. If the information of one of the members of the program is true, the company will introduce an automatic display of toll prices in the application, Android Central reports.

    The user states that toll prices and perhaps the cost of the entire trip can be seen during planning, providing a route selection option that, for example, costs less but takes longer. This option is part of a larger trend in which Google plans to improve the way it plans trips in its navigation app.

    The latest integration with the systems offered by Ford’s Spin microtransport service includes the insertion of Google Maps into e-bikes. Customers can see where the nearest e-bike or Spin e-scooter is, see how long it will take another user to reach them, check where they can charge the scooter, how much it will cost to rent and finally pay for the whole thing via the Spin app.

    The part where things get interesting is the announcement of the integration of Google Pay and Google Maps, with the help of which users will be able to pay for parking and public transport tickets within the navigation application.

    Passengers on public transport will be able to plan their trip via Google Maps and purchase a ticket without exiting the app. The feature will be available to 80 companies worldwide – once you choose your destination, you’ll have the option to pay on your phone using your Google Pay account.

    Offering route planning options along with costing should encourage the concept of sustainable transportation, concludes TheNextWeb.

    Latest Posts


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