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    Golden rules for maintaining a tan

    Regular hydration can prolong the life of skin cells, even tanned ones

    The tanned complexion and pearly shiny skin are the dreams of almost all women.

    Some are ready to “fry” in the sun for weeks because of it, others get dark skin easily, and they all have one thing in common – they want to keep that bronze skin color as long as possible. Natural sunscreen oil and faster tanning can help you get a tan.

    Tanned skin after sun exposure in some lasts a few days, in some a month, and a little longer.

    There are several solutions that will keep you dark for longer than that period.

    Drink enough water

    Even when you are not in the heat of 35 degrees, do not skip the water.

    Regular hydration can prolong the life of skin cells, even tanned ones.

    Melon, cucumber, and celery have a high percentage of water in them, so they make an ideal summer combination for your skin and body.

    Cold shower

    Warm water can dry out your skin, so it will be more prone to peeling. By showering with cold water and using moisturizing shower oils, the color will stay on your skin longer.

    Pay attention to your diet

    Include milk, eggs, spinach, carrots, apricots, and yellow and red vegetables in your daily diet. Drink carrot juice every morning, and when autumn comes, you can include pumpkin in your diet.


    Although exfoliation seems to be the last thing you want to do after you get a tan, it is important to cleanse your skin of impurities at least once a week, writes Caffe.

    Chocolate massage

    To make your color last longer, prepare a skin mask made of natural ingredients. Put a mask of tomato, milk, and olive oil on your face, and you can put coffee grounds and chocolate on your body. After standing for 15 minutes, rinse face and body.

    Skincare oils

    Lubricate your face and body with olive, argan, or almond oil at least once a week. In addition to nourishing your skin, you will also soften it and make it more elastic, which will definitely help your complexion last longer.

    Wear bright clothes

    Lastly, a proven and proven trick for the best possible accentuation of a tanned complexion: wear light clothes. A white shirt, bronzer on the face, and red lipstick on the lips are a winning combination, which will highlight your tanned complexion.

    Latest Posts


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