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    Schultz criticizes 1. FC Koln’s lackluster performance: “It’s a matter of attitude”

    Timo Schultz Calls Out 1. FC Köln's Performance and Urges Offensive Improvement

    In a stern assessment of his team’s recent performances, 1. FC Koln coach Timo Schultz has openly criticized his players, emphasizing the urgent need for improvement. The Bundesliga team’s struggle for goals and chances has put them in a precarious position in the relegation battle, and Schultz is holding his players accountable for their recent shortcomings.

    After a disappointing 0-1 home defeat against Bremen, Schultz expressed his dissatisfaction, stating,

    “We weren’t brave enough when playing with the ball against Bremen.”

    The coach highlighted the team’s lack of aggression in creating opportunities, with only two chances in the Bremen match and one in the previous 1-1 draw against Hoffenheim. Köln currently holds the unwanted title of having the worst attack in the league, scoring only 15 goals.

    Schultz is now urging his team to take more risks and show greater dedication, emphasizing that their offensive efforts have fallen short in recent games. Despite having stabilized the team since taking charge at the beginning of the year, Schultz recognizes the pressing need for more goals to avoid the pitfalls of the relegation battle.

    “It’s also a matter of attitude, taking risks more often,” warns Schultz.

    While acknowledging the team’s ability to be more aggressive, as demonstrated in their 2-0 win against Frankfurt and the 1-1 draw in Wolfsburg, Schultz remains concerned about the recent lack of offensive prowess. He underscores the importance of addressing the offensive issues to navigate the challenging situation at the bottom of the table, currently standing in 16th place.

    Reflecting on the recent performance of offensive midfielders Dejan Ljubicic, Florian Kainz, and Linton Maina (all receiving low grades against Bremen), Schultz is contemplating personnel changes. Talent Justin Diehl is a potential option, but the absence of Faride Alidou, a fast attacker, due to illness poses a challenge. Schultz expresses uncertainty, fearing a “50:50 decision as to whether it makes sense” for Alidou to play in the upcoming game against Stuttgart.

    Despite the challenges, Schultz remains optimistic, stating, “It is encouraging that we were on equal terms in every game.” He points out that when the team is at their limit, they can compete with any opponent. However, Schultz emphasizes the need for offensive improvement, understanding that a robust defense alone may not be sufficient in the relegation battle.

    As 1. FC Köln faces uncertainties in personnel decisions and strives to overcome offensive struggles, Schultz’s critical assessment highlights the team’s imperative to address their attitude and take more risks to secure their position in the Bundesliga.

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