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    Beginner’s Guide – Everything you need to know about the 5 – 2 diet

    Occasional fasting is a diet that involves regular adherence to a fasting pattern, and a 5: 2 diet, also known as a fast diet, is part of such a regime.

    The 5: 2 diet was popularized by journalist Michael Mosley, who also brought his body into shape, and over time it became his way of life. The name of the diet itself comes from the fact that five days a week you eat completely normally, and during two days your calorie intake is limited to 600 a day.

    Since there are no strict requirements on what food to eat, but when you should eat it, it is actually a way of life, and many who have tried it find it much easier to put into practice than strict and often very unhealthy child written rules that should not be deviated from.

    You can choose any two days of the week during which you will fast, but there must be one between them during which you will usually eat. Practice shows that people often choose Monday and Thursday, with two or three small meals, and normally eat the rest of the week, so they take a breather on the weekends.


    However, it should be emphasized that eating “normal” means eating a balanced diet, and not expecting that we can overload our body with unhealthy foods and during two days of fasting “repair” the damage.
    As for the two days of fasting itself, there are no strict rules, most often choosing either breakfast, lunch, and dinner with low calories or just lunch and dinner.

    Any two days a week can be the ones during which calorie intake will be reduced.

    Try to focus on nutritious foods rich in fiber and high in protein that will make you feel full without consuming too many calories.

    For example, it can be one of the following foods, with the addition of tea, coffee, or water:

    – abundant portion of vegetables
    – natural yogurt with berries
    – boiled or fried eggs
    – grilled fish or lean meat
    – soups (tomato, cauliflower, miso soup …)

    If you are starting this diet for the first time, keep low-calorie snacks nearby to help you if you get hungry.


    A 5: 2 diet has been shown to be effective when it comes to losing a few pounds, as well as reducing blood insulin levels.

    Moreover, research conducted by Dr. Krista A. Varady and co-workers on both normal-weight and obese individuals has shown that there has been a general improvement in health.

    After 12 weeks, an average weight loss of 5 kg was observed, blood triglyceride levels were reduced by 20 percent, and leptin levels were reduced by up to 40 percent.

    However, consult your doctor before carrying out any diet.

    This type of diet should be avoided by pregnant women, nursing mothers, women who are trying to conceive. people with eating disorders, people with diabetes.

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