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    Brian Lanzelotta recounted a paranormal experience that he lived in his dressing room

    Brian Lanzelotta and Ángela Leiva were in charge of breaking the ice in a new night of Cantando 2020. Happy, the singer said that Alejandra Romero, Rodrigo Bueno’s ex-partner, brought him a shirt of the idol of the quartet and that he did not hesitate to put it on to face this new challenge.

    “It’s an honor for me,” said the former Big Brother participant. Later, he said that in the dressing room he experienced a strange situation: the lid of the thermos was moving by itself on a table.

    After listening to them sing a version of ” Que iria “, Nacha Guevara (8) expressed: “I loved it. This time, Brian, you did. We always say that you are below Angela’s energy, but this time it was the other way around. : You came to enjoy it. They both sing well and that is a gift for the ears, we have them a bit battered. Angela, you lacked fun with your body, but very well. ”

    “I want to highlight the set of voices they made. I liked it,” added, briefly, Karina “La Princesita”, owner during this quartet round of the secret vote. Oscar Mediavilla (7), in turn, added: “The important thing is that they had a good time and did it well. And now having the reference of other participants who passed, I would have to go give them a hug. They are thanked, above all knowing that it was not the right tone for Angela. They are artists. Today I saw Brian more committed, more fun, and more in tune “.

    Finally, Moria Casan (8) added: “It is a pleasure to find them here, with that predisposition in favor. They are hungry. They were very well, it was a compliment to our rubbed ears.”


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