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    Al-Kazemi accepts the resignation of the Minister of Electricity.

    A source in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed to Media that the resignation of Electricity Minister Majid Hantoush had been accepted, and thus the resignation became effective, according to the source.

    Official media quoted a source in the cabinet as saying that Al-Kazemi “personally follows up with executive officials in the Ministry of Electricity the rapid and emergency treatments for the electrical power situation.”

    Last Tuesday, Hantoush submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister.

    Al-Kazemi also issued a series of measures to address the electricity crisis, according to a statement issued by his office.

    Al-Kazemi decided to form a crisis cell to address the shortage of feeding hours, in addition to “the emergency provision of all forms of financial, technical, logistical and security support to the Ministry of Electricity.”

    He also directed the removal of violations of the electric power system, the confiscation of used tools and equipment, the charging of the fees for cutting the electricity and the costs resulting from that, and the initiation of criminal complaints against them.

    The electricity was suddenly cut off in the Iraqi national electricity distribution network, from mid-afternoon on Thursday until Friday, in all governorates, except for the governorates of the Kurdistan region.

    And today, Friday, local time, the Ministry of Electricity confirmed that it was able to restore the national electricity system in record time to service.

    She said in a statement that, “since the accident that the system stopped working, the staff has been working to restart the obstetric units in all-electric power production plants (..), despite the terrorist and sabotage targets that the electric power transmission lines have been exposed to.”

    And it revealed “programmed and continuous targeting of electric power transmission lines over the past days, with rising temperatures, which led to the instability of the power system, which resulted in the separation of the two ultra-high pressure electric power transmission lines (thermal media – gaseous media) (1 and 2), which stopped Because of it the energy system.

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