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    Petur Jakob Petursson hired to HPP, Hedinn’s protein factory

    Petur Jakob Petursson has been hired as marketing and sales manager at HPP, which is an advanced protein factory that was designed from scratch and built by Hedinn. With HPP, fisheries companies can fully utilize the catch one hundred percent by producing fish oil and fishmeal, both on land and onboard ships.

    Petur Jakob is a fisheries expert from the University of Akureyri and Tromso. Petur Jakob has diverse experience from the fishing industry. He was a sales manager at Skagan 3X before he came to Hedinn. He worked as a purchasing manager for DeutscheSee, the largest fish producer in Germany and the largest online fish store in the European Union, based in Bremerhaven and responsible for production and quality management at Samherji for many years.

    The announcement states that Hedinn has invested over ISK 1 billion in the development of HPP and that the activities of the protein factory have increased year by year.

    HPP is based on a new approach to product processing, which saves energy, space, manpower and delivers more consistent quality. HPP can now be found onboard freezer trawlers Rammar, Brims, and Samherji and their subsidiaries, and in vessels of foreign companies.

    It is also stated that construction has already begun on a new 380 tonne HPP plant for the Herring Processing Plant in Neskaupsstadur and that Grontvedt Nutri in Norway recently used 350 tonnes of HPP to obtain 100 percent utilization of raw materials for processing mackerel and herring.

    “It is very exciting to join Hedin in this journey. The company celebrates its 100th anniversary next year. Hedinn has enormous human resources at his disposal in projects and know-how for workshop workers, technicians, and engineers. The fishing industry focuses on creating the greatest possible value, and with HPP, companies can achieve 100% utilization of the catch and maximize its value. Progressive companies in the fisheries sector have realized the increased value that HPP creates. There are not many people who can boast of making the world a little greener than they came to it, but that is the case with HPP, “said Petur Jakobi in an announcement.

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