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    Spanish Actor Gabriel Guevara Arrested at Venice Film Festival on International Warrant

    Star of Prime Video's "My Fault" Franchise Detained for Alleged Sexual Assault

    The Venice Film Festival was rocked by the arrest of Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, renowned for his role in Prime Video’s popular teen film franchise, “My Fault.” Guevara’s detention stems from an active international warrant issued against him for an alleged sexual assault in France, a development confirmed by Venice police and initially reported by Venice daily La Nuova.

    The legal proceedings surrounding Guevara’s case will now proceed to the court of appeals, which will determine the outcome before extradition proceedings can commence. Presently, no further details regarding the assault or the circumstances of the arrest have been disclosed.

    Guevara’s arrest transpired in Venice on Saturday, September 2, merely a day before he was scheduled to receive the prestigious “best young actor” accolade presented by Filming Italy on Sunday, September 3. In response to the arrest, Filming Italy opted to cancel the award, deeming it a “precautionary measure” pending the resolution of the allegations against him.

    The Venice Film Festival issued a statement via its official Twitter account, clarifying that Guevara’s presence in Venice was unrelated to any activities or productions associated with the festival, emphasizing that it was not connected to the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

    Gabriel Guevara’s ascent to European stardom commenced in 2018 when he portrayed Cristian Miralles Haro in the first season of “Skam Spain,” a localized adaptation of a beloved teen drama franchise. His leading roles in the “My Fault” film series further propelled his fame.

    “Skam Spain” offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of a group of 16-year-olds, portrayed in real-time, as they navigate the complexities of social media, relationships, and self-discovery.

    The “My Fault” franchise revolves around the character Noah (played by Nicole Wallace), who relocates to her mother’s new husband’s home, where she encounters her stepbrother, Nick (Guevara). Initially marked by conflicting personalities, their eventual attraction blossoms into a romantic relationship, profoundly altering the course of their lives.

    Beyond his involvement in “My Fault,” Gabriel Guevara boasts a diverse array of acting credits, including an upcoming role in “Red Flags,” as well as previous projects such as “How to Screw it All Up,” “You’re Nothing Special,” “HIT,” “Dangerous Moms,” and “Charter.”

    As Guevara’s legal situation unfolds, the industry and fans await further developments, with the outcome of the case poised to impact his career and the cultural landscape of Spanish cinema.

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