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    When the material spoils everything- stars who wear synthetics

    Using the examples of celebrities, we analyze the cons of unnatural fabrics.

    To begin with, let’s dot the i: everyone wears synthetics. Stars, heroes of street style chronicles, and designers themselves. This is the result of industrial progress, and this has its advantages. At the same time, activists are against the mass creation of cheap synthetics – the process of its production pollutes the environment and reduces the salaries of employees (they wrote a little about this here), and aesthetes have been expressing their contempt for everything unnatural (except for fur – it has passed into the status of non grata for absolutely everyone) for a long time. However, things made from natural silk or cashmere are often so expensive that you want to cover yourself with a blanket, even a polyester one, just not to see these prices. In addition, synthetics differ from synthetics. But even a thing made of unnatural materials can last a long time without changing its qualities. Nylon, acrylic, viscose do not absorb odors, allow the body to breathe, clothes do not wrinkle (unlike natural fabrics) if made in accordance with the norms.

    However, in 99 cases, we do not know anything about the process of creating a material – we have to judge a thing by its appearance, price, and touch. But even after careful inspection, it is difficult to distinguish between quality and hack. We have collected several examples when the stars, like us, were mistaken in their choice.

    Ashley Graham

    The merry fellows called Ashley’s dress foil – so it may seem because of the color and unnatural sheen. The cut itself is not bad, but many agreed that the outfit looks too cheap.

    Priyanka Chopra

    Even before getting married, Priyanka chose casual and familiar outfits for any layman. This top may come from a famous fashion house, but the red price is $ 20.

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim’s style is a famous hotbed of cheap synthetic clothing. The reality star does this not with his own hands, but with his example. In pursuit of profit, companies like Fashion Nova and Missguided are copying Kardashian outfits almost at lightning speed, offering to buy them for only $ 15-20. It is clear that for that kind of money, you will not get anything but polyester.

    Kourtney Kardashian

    Latex pants combined with a bomber jacket are clearly not the best solution for a star who diligently chooses an image in accordance with the glamorous formula of “expensive and rich”.


    The designer’s idea did not come true – in this synthetic fabric, Rihanna looks like an awkwardly wrapped gift. However, they still remember that it’s ugly until Rihanna says it isn’t?

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