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    The old man got an elbow – Ivana Bogicevic in an awkward situation

    Ivana Bogicevic went through a thorny path to the finals in “Zvezda Granda” and she does not hide that she does not mind when she sees who is singing today and calls them singers.

    • It is no longer known here who drinks and who pays, because both those who know and those who do not know sing. Now if you want to become famous, start singing… Everything has improved a lot, you don’t even have to know how to sing, it’s enough to go into the studio and say something, they draw it on the computer, do it and you sing. My mother dear who sings everything… You have people who are singers, and you have people who are showmen. I don’t mind when someone makes a show and is born for the stage, but when I see these as good fish, I will now be a singer, and she stands on the stage like a dead blower, I do not support that – she points out.

    Ivana says that many singers of dubious morals are becoming singers in order to be more popular and raise their prices.

    The old man got an elbow - Ivana Bogicevic in an awkward situation

    • When you want to push through and float to the surface, you immediately start singing. I won’t name anyone, but everyone knows that, when a prostitute wants to raise the price, she starts singing. She records a hit, she has a strong relationship, they take her to the studio and she becomes a famous singer – claims Ivana.

    Ivana also remembered one unpleasant situation from the performance that happened to her at the very beginning of her career.

    • Just when I started, I was 15 then, I worked in a cafe and I remember the weekend before I sang a singer who climbed on the table, who lifted her skirt, raised her legs and I come next weekend where everyone is me understood so. I had an awkward situation where an old jerk approached me to order a song and grabbed me by the waist, I thought he wanted to order a song and he from waist hand to butt, where I’m an elbow in the stomach, I’m not your prostitute or singer to touch me. Nobody asks you who you are, or what you are when you come to the pub, or whether you are a singer or a prostitute, people give themselves a lot for the right – the singer explained.

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