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    How to wear a turtleneck – 7 fun ways

    A turtleneck is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. If you are bored with combinations with simple jeans and trousers, we offer seven more interesting and stylish combinations that will definitely diversify your style.

    Stylists have been convincing us for a long time that there is no “basic wardrobe” that would ideally suit absolutely all women. We all have a different daily routine, work, hobbies, and therefore clothes that would correspond to our weekdays and weekends cannot be unified. Someone likes sporty style, someone likes elegant, someone likes black, someone likes white. However, there is a thing that will definitely fit perfectly into wardrobes of different directions: from a business dress code to a sporty style. I’m talking, of course, about the turtleneck. To prove its versatility, we offer seven new and stylish combinations with a practical turtleneck that are definitely worth repeating this season.

    Turtleneck + shirt

    A simple everyday look and one of the trendiest combinations of past fashion weeks. It is better that the color of the turtleneck and shirt contrast – so the outfit will look more interesting. If you want to subdue a too bright (including neon) knitwear, match it with a shirt in a discreet shade without an ornament. If, on the contrary, you want to make the image more vivid and catchy, take a closer look at printed things. And to make the look even more interesting, add a few large and massive chains to the outfit – they have become one of the loudest trends this season.

    Turtleneck + suit

    A suit with a turtleneck looks more respectable than the same ensemble with a top or T-shirt. In such combinations, Victoria Beckham often appears in public, showing us the possibilities of a stylish and diverse business wardrobe, which she walks not only on business but also to fashion events and social events. Combinations with a suit will also be ideal if your turtleneck is made of thin material, and without a jacket or vest, a tight-fitting thing will look too defiant.

    Turtleneck + dress or sundress

    Even in cold weather, light dresses and sundresses should not be abandoned. With the onset of treacherous sub-zero temperatures, you can put on a warm knitted turtleneck inside your favorite flowing dress. In autumn and winter, you should also take a closer look at trendy leather sundresses – colored turtlenecks in combination with such brutal material will look especially impressive.

    monochrome image

    As you know, an outfit assembled from things of the same color visually stretches the silhouette, and a turtleneck will provide us with invaluable help here. An outfit in a white or beige palette is one of the most versatile solutions all year round. It is worth remembering that skinny jeans should not be added to an overly tight turtleneck. Better look for a straight-cut option, complementing the image with a matching jacket or coat – loose jeans and trousers will look no less elegant, but will help you avoid outdated combinations.

    Turtleneck + jumpsuit

    Overalls are different: from denim options to classic suit items that are appropriate for the office. For both of them, a turtleneck will be a great way to make an outfit more interesting – after all, a jumpsuit has relatively fewer combinations than other wardrobe items.

    Turtleneck + loose trousers and sneakers

    The statement that the turtleneck is the subject of an exclusively classic wardrobe is a big misconception. Such a thing is ideal even for sports and practical images. An example is the outfits of street style bloggers, consisting of a bright printed turtleneck, loose trousers (more often joggers), and sneakers. This combination is actively used by one of the main fashion influencers Kim Kardashian. By the way, you can wear a printed T-shirt over a turtleneck, making a comfortable look even more unusual

    Turtleneck + cardigan

    Ideal for those who are particularly cold. Suitable as cardigans of the same shade, as well as bright options with embroideries and ornaments. If you are afraid of too intricate combinations and like restraint, choose achromatic ensembles.

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