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    Turn off 156 street charges in the city and blame Isorka

    Orka natturunnar (Icelandic Power Company) intends to take the current from the 156 street charges that the company has installed around the city. The company feels compelled to do so following Isorka’s complaint that the charges were open to anyone and that it was free of charge. The stations will be switched off on 28 June.

    This is stated in an announcement from Orka natturunnar. Says that it is uncertain when it will be possible to power them again.

    The announcement traces the progress of the case and says that the City of Reykjavík once tendered for the installation and operation of street charging and accepted an offer from ON, which bid the lowest for the project.

    “The Appellate Committee for Tender Matters then came to the conclusion after Isorka’s complaint that the City of Reykjavik (Capital of Iceland) should have tendered the project in the European Economic Area. Isorka’s other views, which were numerous, were not accepted.

    According to the decision of the Appellate Committee, ON is not allowed to charge a fee for the use of the street charges or to specially mark the car parks where they stand. Instead of switching off the charges and thus making it difficult for electric car owners who rely on the charges in question, ON decided to stop charging and take down the markings at the parking lots. Charges would then be accessible to all while the next steps were evaluated. In this way, ON complied with the result but continued to support the important task of energy exchange in transport.

    Isorka has now again sent a complaint to the Complaints Committee, now because of how ON has reacted to its conclusion that the City of Reykjavik should have tendered in the European Economic Area.

    A letter received by ON from the City of Reykjavik this morning states that due to Isorka’s comments, the city considers it necessary to request that ON cut off power to the charging stations in question.

    It is also stated that the City of Reykjavik has asked the Complaints Committee for Procurement Matters to postpone the legal effect of the ruling, “says the announcement.

    Special circumstances justify a request for adjournment

    The City of Reykjavik has also issued a notification regarding the case and believes that special reasons justify the request for a stay of a legal effect being taken into account.

    • “The main obligation of the agreement on the installation of charging stations has already been fulfilled almost entirely and services have been provided to the citizens in accordance with the provisions of the agreement for some time. Therefore, the outcome of the ruling is significantly burdensome for the parties to the case and the residents and visitors of Reykjavik.
    • It is anticipated that the ineffectiveness of the agreement, even if it may only last for a short time, will lead to owners of electric cars who have invested in them in the confidence of having easy access to their fast charging now finding it more difficult to take advantage of them.
    • The decision of the Tender Appeals Committee from 22 October last. as the claim of Ísorka EHF, that the tender in question would be suspended temporarily was rejected. Both parties, the City of Reykjavik and ON, were therefore in good faith to continue to fulfill the agreement reached following the contested tender.

    The City of Reykjavik is working to examine the basis for testing the legality of the ruling, which, as previously stated, relates to the estimated value of the contract, the cost estimate, and whether the tender would have tendered a concession agreement in the European Economic Area instead of a public tender. domestic. At the same time, work is underway to prepare a new tender, “says the announcement.

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