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    They called her a “beauty of epic proportions,” and today she is only a shadow of her past

    Heather Locklear, best known for her role as Amanda Woodward in “Melrose Place,” is unrecognizable today.

    American actress Heather Locklear, best known for her role as Amanda Woodward in the series “Melrose Place”, was one of those actresses who left a mark wherever she appeared.

    They called her a “beauty of epic proportions”, she was nominated for the Golden Globe four times, and today she is the target of tabloids and paparazzi because she can’t get her life in order.

    Celebrities either suffer in solitude and don’t go public so as not to expose their mistakes or those who do just that. Heather is one of the first.

    The American favorite had a career in her hands and held on tight until the early 21st century. Producers no longer called her, only the star of the series “Melrose Place” and a woman envied by other women remained in the media.

    Locklear was married to Tommy Lee, whom she divorced in 1993, and then remarried to Richie Sambora, guitarist Bon Jovi.

    After the divorce from her second husband in 2006, problems began.

    The actress was arrested in California in 2008 for driving while intoxicated. Tests showed that in addition to alcohol, Loklir also took certain opiates. In early 2017, she went to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center again.

    The paparazzi recently photographed Heather. The beauty of epic proportions changed her personal description.

    Heather Locklear never wanted to talk to the media about the problems that befell her.

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