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    A PICTURE FROM THE WEDDING – This is what they looked like

    A photo of them from the wedding surfaced on the social network Instagram.

    Here is what Suzana and Sasa looked like then:

    Singer Suzana Jovanovic has a son Danijel from her first marriage, while she has a daughter Aleksandra from her second marriage with Sasa Popovic.

    Suzana and Sasa took their children on the right path, and the singer was lucky to meet Popovic, who accepted Danijela as her child.

    – When his father and I divorced, he was seven months old, so he didn’t even know what was happening. I never said anything against his father, I believe that God will judge us all one day and that everyone will get what he deserved in life. We were so lucky, or unlucky, that Daniel’s father didn’t ask about him at all. It wasn’t until Daniel started elementary school that his father remembered to call and ask about his son’s health. On the other hand, Daniel didn’t ask about his father either, he just didn’t feel the need. My son and I are friends, he knows that he can always count on me and Saleta – said Suzana for  A magazine.

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