Friday, May 17, 2024

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    Do not support MPs who supported the attack on the parliament building

    The US financial company JPMorgan has decided not to donate money to the Republican election fund that supported Donald Trump’s supporters’ attack on the House of Representatives in January. The company, however, plans to start strengthening politicians again after a short break.

    Many companies stopped giving money to politicians after an angry mob of Trump supporters stormed the House of Representatives to try to prevent lawmakers from confirming Joe Biden’s election as president on January 6.

    JPMorgan has now decided to start providing funding again through its Political Action Committee. However, it intends to stop supporting some of the 147 Republicans who voted against confirming Biden’s election, which it has given money over the years, according to Reuters.

    A majority of Republican lawmakers voted against confirming the results of the presidential election even after the mob broke into the House of Representatives, forcing lawmakers to hide behind closed doors.

    The MPs, who were not specifically mentioned in the bank’s memorandum, will be out in the cold at JPMorgan ahead of the parliamentary elections in November next year. The company also intends to reassess the situation and decide whether to continue giving money to members of parliament.

    Republicans in both houses of the US Congress opposed a cross-party bill to set up an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the attack on the House of Representatives. The party’s senators eventually killed the bill with a bang.

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