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    Shines in the eighth decade – The singer slipped into leather pants and came to the recording in a Mercedes

    These days, Neda referred to the cases of sexual abuse of actresses in Serbia and sent a message to Milena Radulovic

    Singer Neda Ukraden looks flawless even in her eighth decade, and she proved it once again.

    Neda Ukraden once again surprised many with her flawless figure. The singer is currently in Belgrade, and it was there that she was filmed by cameras while she was coming to film the show “It’s never too late”.

    Neda will turn 71 in August, and although she has entered her eighth decade, she still prefers a youthful style. This time she was wearing a black leather jacket with fur, black leather pants, and high-heeled ankle boots.

    As a woman, I say goodbye

    Dressed from head to toe, she got out of the white Mercedes and headed for the studio.

    By the way, these days Neda referred to the cases of sexual abuse of actresses in Serbia and sent a message to Milena Radulović, who was the first to go public with the story that, when she was only 17, Miroslav Aleksić raped her.

    • Dear Milena, I address you as a woman to a woman, but also as a mother to my daughter because it could be me! As a woman, I say goodbye. Well done for freeing your soul and letting that terrible burden slowly leave you with this brave public presentation of the atrocities that happened to you and who knows which girls and boys. And now you see how alone you are. Well done for all the unfortunate and frightened people who suffer violence because they are ashamed to point the finger at a respectable person who is primarily mentally abusing them, and who you have now encouraged to speak about it publicly – said Uraden and continued:

    • Well done for the fact that with this brave act of yours, the masks of “creative psychopaths” fell, who turned studying, especially fine arts and who else, into the ugliest nightmare and lifelong trauma for many young people! Bravo because you drew attention to the hypocritical attitude of society towards girls who must not bear their burden of fear, suffering, and misfortune because they will be branded! Bravo because you prevented the evil from spreading further and infecting some new victims – said Ukraden.

    Normal mental development

    She asked how it was possible that the parents had not noticed anything.

    • And as a mother, I ask myself, and I ask parents: “Is it possible that you did not see in the eyes of your children tears, suffering, unhappiness, despair, fear, humiliation, helplessness after classes with someone you pay, and destroys joy, confidence, normal your child’s mental development ?! Is the child’s desire to be an actress or an actor stronger than understanding what they are going through, what really happened in those horror training more appropriate for a Legion of Strangers than learning the dramatic arts ?! And finally, I now understand why a woman is in our films mostly (with some exceptions) treated either as a poor woman – an ugly, stupid, and unhappy housewife who gives birth to children, and who is cheated, beaten, and abused by her husband or as a bitch who fills her with money, slaps, dust! directed by various creative psychopaths! God help these children – concluded Neda Ukraden.

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