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    Jelena’s Candid Confession: Unraveling the Complex Web of Love, Betrayal, and Tragedy

    Jelena Karleusa, in a remarkably honest revelation, has acknowledged that her marriage with former footballer Dusko Tosic exists only on paper. Despite her enduring love for him, Jelena confessed that the love is not reciprocated.

    The Facade of Marriage: A Pro Forma Union

    “We are married. I believe Dusko doesn’t love me, but I love him. We are living separate lives, although under the same roof. Our paths diverged, but we continue to coexist for the sake of our children. Atina and Nika deserve to be with both their parents,” Jelena shared candidly.

    She opened up about the challenges, stating, “Dusko is the father of my children, and I would give my life for him. I’ve forgiven him for everything, but he’s not the forgiving type. Our lives have moved in different directions, and our daughters have grown up.”

    Unveiling the Vranjes Episode: A Costly “Online Mistake”

    Refusing to utter Ognjen Vranjes’s name, Jelena shed light on a tumultuous chapter in her life. “Let’s put an end to the stigma. I will never say his name because he doesn’t deserve it. It was my ‘online mistake,’ and I paid a high price for it. I never hid it, even from Dusko. It cost me dearly, more than just a casual affair.”

    She reflected on the intentional act that spiraled out of control, “A deliberate escapade to retaliate against Dusko, who had slipped out of control. I fell into a dark abyss, exploited by someone who recorded the Facetime session, took screenshots, and sent them to the media. Only the vilest individuals engage in such acts. Exploiting someone’s trust, then threatening and blackmailing, with the ultimatum of divorcing Duško. I didn’t want that because he was a joke to me.”

    The Media Frenzy: Facing the Consequences

    Jelena expressed regret for dragging her family through the media storm. “I felt ashamed to talk about it. Dusko accepted it, but he couldn’t forgive what was in the media. Five years have passed, threads between us are severed, our daughters have grown. I’ve forgiven Dusko for everything, but he’s not the forgiving type.”

    Protecting the Innocence: Shielding Her Daughters

    Amidst the media frenzy, Jelena praised her daughters’ resilience. “Atina and Nika probably saw a lot, but they never spoke a word to me. I taught them to be wise, emphasizing the importance of their feelings over public opinions.”

    Love from Youth: Remembering Zoran Davidovic Canda

    Jelena opened up about her youthful love, Zoran Davidovic Canda, who tragically lost his life while they were together. “He was part of Skole’s circle, not a criminal. The stories about ‘Arkan and Ceca’ and ‘Karleuša and Ćanda’ are exaggerated. Arkan was Arkan, Canda was nothing! He was 27 when he died. We would have continued if he hadn’t been killed. He died on March 23, 2000, in an ambush.”

    Revealing the gruesome aftermath, Jelena recounted, “I saw him in pieces in the forensic medicine office. I had to identify him. The image will forever be etched in my mind. The bullets from Kalashnikovs tore his body apart, and I repaid the borrowed money for his funeral and Ivan’s. My mother borrowed money at an exorbitant interest rate, and I repaid it for two years.”

    Haunted by Dreams: Zoran’s Ghost in Jelena’s Nightmares

    Even today, Jelena dreams of Zoran. “In the dream, I sit with Dusko and the children, and Zoran is at another table. He is alive and watches me, visibly troubled to see me happy. He pretends not to recognize me. I sit with my husband and children, with a man who was killed in the midst of our greatest love.”

    This compelling narrative exposes the intricate layers of Jelena Karleusa’s life—filled with love, betrayal, and tragic twists.

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