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    Treat gastritis naturally

    Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The diagnosis can be made after taking samples of the gastric mucosa (so-called biopsy) and looking under a microscope (pathohistological diagnosis, PHD), therefore, it is not made according to the endoscopic or radiological appearance of the mucosa. If there is no inflammatory infiltrate of the mucosa, or it is minimal, then we are talking about gastropathy.

    Gastritis can be divided into acute and chronic. The symptoms of acute gastritis occur suddenly and last for a short time. On the other hand, when the symptoms last for months and years, then we are talking about chronic gastritis. Gastritis is certainly important to treat because otherwise, it can lead to the development of ulcers (ulcers) and even stomach cancer.

    What causes it?

    Acute gastritis can be erosive, phlegmonous, or infectious (due to infection with H. pylori). Chronic gastritis may be due to chronic H. pylori infection, the return of bile from the duodenum to the stomach (after cholecystectomy), multifocal atrophic gastritis, autoimmune gastritis, gastritis after surgical removal of the lower stomach (eg due to malignancy), infectious gastritis caused by others (Helicobacter heilmannii, mycobacteria, Treponema pallidum, viruses, parasites, fungi), granulomatous gastritis, eosinophilic gastritis, lymphocytic gastritis, so-called. graft versus host disease and a number of other causes.

    Triggers for ulcers

    If we take into account a little genetics and wrong diet and a lot of stress, alcohol, over time, the otherwise resistant mucosa will “subdue” and gastritis will develop. One of the causes can be Helicobacter pylori – a bacterium that in large quantities causes inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and in further exacerbation can lead to gastric cancer.


    Most often, most patients experience pain, bloating, heartburn and belching, nausea, and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Due to the evaporation of stomach acid upwards, there are often problems with sinuses, throat, coughing, and even various skin problems. Some people with H.pylori positive had strange red spots, erythema, on the skin, eyelids… With treatment, everything went away. If the acid strongly irritates the mucous membrane of the esophagus and oral cavity, esophagitis will develop, ie. inflammation of the esophagus, and the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue will be white, with deposits and problems: pain, burning of the tongue, discomfort, poor food intake, and even weight loss.


    After gastroscopy, X-ray of the stomach, and determination of H.pylori from stool or breath (not from blood, as this finding may be false positive), therapy is initiated. In addition to the findings, the anamnesis is also important, because the best therapy is decided on the basis of the patient’s symptoms. Thus, someone will get tea and drops for gastritis, heartburn, and constipation, and someone else for gastritis and severe pain or nausea, so the therapy is individual. Therapy will depend on the symptoms, age, some other diagnoses, medications being taken, or not being taken.

    Tea for gastritis and H.pylori


    Thyme, mint, marshmallow, sage

    Application: All plants should be placed in equal proportions. You should drink half a liter to a liter of lukewarm tea a day, without honey or lemon. Too hot, too salty, too fatty as well as too cold or too hot food and liquid should be avoided. During the first month or two, all raw foods should be avoided. A sick stomach cannot chew cellulose from raw fruits and vegetables. That is why vegetables should be cooked and stewed, and fruits should also be cooked in a compote or baked in the oven. So heat treated.

    Tincture for gastritis


    Sage, pine, fruit Melissa Lincura or Wormwood

    Application: Drink 50 to 100 drops of tincture daily, ie. herbal drops in a deciliter of water or better yet in tea. One should be patient and carry out therapy for several months until the symptoms subside and the findings on H.pylori are negative.

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