Monday, June 17, 2024

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    270 g broccoli,

    300 g chicken breast,

    300 g cooking cream,

    1 clove of garlic,

    25 g butter,



    spices as desired


    1. Cut the chicken breast into larger cubes, the size of one bite. Add salt and pepper as desired. And from the spices you can add a little ground cumin and red pepper.
    2. Put the broccoli flowers briefly to boil in boiling water. It only takes 2-3 minutes for the broccoli to soften.
    3. In a deep frying pan, melt a little butter (25 g) and fry the chicken on all sides. When the chicken is done, set it aside from the pan.
    4. Chop the cooked broccoli into a multi-practice into grains.
    5. Transfer the resulting broccoli mixture to a pan where you have previously roasted the chicken with chopped one clove of garlic. Simmer briefly in a pan.
    6. Pour 300 g of cooking cream over the broccoli and garlic and let the cream boil.
    7. Add salt and pepper if necessary. And after the cream boils, reduce the heat and continue to cook over low heat for an added five minutes or until the sauce gets the desired density (which you can regulate with the amount of cooking cream added).
    8. When the sauce is ready, mix pieces of a roasted chicken into it and serve the whole dish with pieces of cooked broccoli if you have left them.

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