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    My Dad had the first Porsche and mobile phone in Yugoslavia-Son of Daniel Popovic

    My father was never violent

    Sebastian Popovic, the son of the famous Daniel Popovic, spoke about his relationship with his father.

    – We haven’t seen each other for two years, but we’ll talk. We haven’t heard from each other for a couple of months now – said Sebastian.

    He revealed that he resented his father for refusing to record a duet with him.

    – He wants much more romantic songs than mine, my lyrics are hardcore for him. I resented him because I wanted one song to always stay there, to know that father and son have one duet together – he said

    He emphasized, however, that he had always had an excellent relationship with his father.

    “We always resolved disagreements quickly and we never had any problems,” he said.

    Sebastian also commented on Daniel Popovic’s statements when he called himself a “social case”.

    -Regardless of the fact that it was written that he had financial problems, he never asked for me, nor did I see that he needed anything. I think that his statements about the fact that he is now a social case are more related to the fact that he feels like a social case because of what he had in the past and what he has today – says Sebastian.

    He also recalled how Popovic, when he was at the peak of his popularity, bought the first Porsche in Yugoslavia.

    – He bought a house in Tresnjevka from the first royalties he received from “Julie” when he returned, a Porsche that was the first registered Porsche in Yugoslavia, the first to have a mobile phone, that big bucket with an antenna that he put in that Porsche … Where that money went I really don’t know. I would understand that he invested in some catering facilities, that he bought buildings, but he didn’t do any of that, I don’t know – he said. Sebastian denies accusations of Popovic’s third wife of domestic violence.

    – My father is all kinds, it can be said that he may not have been the most faithful man in the world, that he did not visit us the most in the world, but he was never violent nor did he ever show any signs of violence. That can be confirmed by me and my sister, ”concludes Sebastian

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