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    Green tea – its many effects and why it helps you lose weight

    In Asia, people know about the extensive effects of green tea. Find out everything you need to know about the special enjoyment of the cup.

    Everyone has probably heard something positive about green tea before. For many, it’s an ideal alternative to coffee. Because green tea also contains a lot of caffeine (the Japanese tea variety Sencha has the highest caffeine values). However, its stimulating effect lasts much longer than coffee.

    But caffeine is just one of the main ingredients in green tea. The secondary plant substance catechins are also of great importance. The catechins content is not only responsible for the bitter taste in a cup of green tea, but also for the positive effects of the popular drink.

    You can find out exactly what catechins are all about below. An overview of other healthy ingredients in green tea:

    • Vitamin A
    • B vitamins
    • magnesium
    • zinc
    • Calcium
    • potassium

    What does green tea do to help you lose weight?

    If you want to lose weight or are on a diet, you should of course pay attention to a varied diet, but you should definitely include green tea in your diet plan. Because it helps to lose weight sip by sip.

    The combination of caffeine and the so-called catechins helps to ensure that less fat is absorbed in the stomach and intestines and that fat- absorbing enzymes are inhibited. The slightly bitter taste also inhibits food cravings. Clinical studies have shown that green tea limits the absorption of glucose by fat cells. In addition, the metabolism is stimulated.

    Further studies have shown that a few cups a day helps burn about 70 more calories a day. And every calorie burned counts when it comes to losing weight.

    Green tea kills three weight loss birds with one stone:

    It boosts fat burning.
    It prevents fat deposits from expanding.
    It naturally increases the basal metabolic rate of calories.

    Warning: This is the only way green tea helps you lose weight

    But just boil water and pour it over the tea? This is not the best idea, as the boiling water can be too hot and burn the delicate green tea – which then loses its beneficial effects.

    The ingredients that are important for the weight loss effect unfold best at a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees. With some Japanese green tea varieties (e.g. the Sencha variety) it is only 55 to 60 degrees.

    Lose weight easily: Drink yourself healthy and slim

    Green wonder tea: the right preparation

    The preparation of healthy tea is a little science in itself. No wonder that the tea ceremony has developed in Asian countries. The perfect cup of tea is an art. This is how you can make a healthy drink:

    1. The dosage

    Pay attention to the leaflet. If you cannot find any information there, you can use the following guideline as a guide: one teaspoon of green tea for a cup or three to four teaspoons for a liter of water.

    2. The temperature

    In order not to destroy the positive properties, the valuable ingredients, and the health-promoting effect, you should never pour boiling water on the green tea leaves. That would change the taste too.

    Let the hot water stand for about five minutes, then it should be cooled down to 80 degrees. If this is still too high according to the packaging, wait longer. It is best to check the temperature with a thermometer.

    3. The brewing time

    The liquid only has to steep for about 90 seconds to two minutes, then you can drink the green tea.

    Our tip: if you choose a high-quality tea, you can make up to three more infusions with the leaves. Make sure, however, that the tea leaves do not dry out between the infusions.

    What is the effect of green tea?

    If losing weight and burning fat is not enough for you, here are some other benefits of green tea for your health, whole body, and even beauty. Whether as a drink, as a capsule, or as an extract, green tea protects from cancer.

    The antioxidants are 100 times more effective than vitamin C, protect the cells, and can reduce the risk of cancer.

    … the cardiovascular system

    Strokes and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented.

    … against skin aging

    Polyphenols, the phytochemicals, have an anti-aging effect on the skin. They fight free radicals and protect against oxidative stress.

    .. from impurities

    Free radicals are also responsible for irritated and blemished skin. The antioxidant effect of the tea shows a positive effect here.

    … from osteoporosis

    Bones and teeth are strengthened by the natural fluoride content and remain healthy.

    … from high blood pressure

    The overproduction of angiotensin, which is responsible for high blood pressure, is kept in check.

    … before sugar

    The polyphenols naturally lower blood sugar. The EGCG content inhibits an enzyme that plays an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes from stress

    The amino acid L-theanine it contains has a psychological balancing effect and can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    The various ingredients – above all the high proportion of polyphenols and the catechin content – have a proven health effect on the whole body.

    How Much Green Tea Is Healthy?

    Those who rely on a high-quality variety, best in organic quality, can enjoy their cup of tea every day. However, you should not ingest large amounts, as this would overload the liver.

    Avid green tea drinkers are advised to drink one cup (about 0.3 liters) three times a day. Pregnant women should reduce this a little.

    Green, black, white: what is the difference to other teas?

    Green, black and white tea is made from the same plant. The white tea is the premier class, as only the young and top leaves are used for it. Just as with green tea, there is no fermentation and the polyphenols are retained. Black tea, on the other hand, goes through this oxidation process.

    Is there an alternative to drinking tea?

    You are not that much of a tea drinker, but you also want to benefit from the health benefits of green tea? We have three alternatives for you:

    1. Green tea extract

    Green tea extract in liquid and concentrated form is a plant extract obtained from the green tea plant Camellia sinensis. The green tea extract has a high concentration of polyphenols. Put a few drops of it in your day cream or body lotion and benefit from its antioxidant effect.

    Caution: green tea extract is not suitable for consumption!

    The beauty industry has also discovered the great effects of green tea. That is why there is already a selection of different products in which the extract is combined with other active ingredients.

    Active ingredient combination with green tea:

    2. Capsules

    The high-dose green tea extract is also in the capsules. They serve as nutritional supplements and support a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    The valuable plant substances and polyphenols contained in the capsules are a unique combination.

    3. Matcha

    Matcha is a very special green tea product that has been very hyped in recent years. With Matcha, the tea leaves are finely ground. The powder is then whisked with water to make a drink that contains more phytochemicals than the tea variant.

    Matcha tea has become a popular alternative to coffee because it contains a lot of caffeine.

    Conclusion: Green tea supports a healthy lifestyle

    Regardless of whether it is for external use in the form of green tea extract, internal use in the form of capsules, or, of course, as a drink – anyone who is on a diet or just wants to live healthy should take advantage of the effects of green tea.

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