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    The beauty ordered the murder of her husband, saved by her lover

    She was just thinking about how to get rich after his death

    A divorce lawsuit between a football player and a beauty full of controversy almost ended in a tragic event, which was prevented.

    The wife of former Turkish national team player Emre Asık, Jaguar, has been accused of planning the murder of a well-known football player.

    The beauty from Turkey, who has been married to a 19-year-old man for eight years, wanted to get rid of Emre after he filled out the divorce papers. According to the world media, Jagmur cheated on a football player who decided to leave her, and he was saved by the man with whom she cheated on him.

    Allegedly, Jagmur Asik offered a certain Erdi Sungur 1,200,000 dollars to kill the former football player, who refused.

    – I had an affair with her. She was just thinking about how to get rich after his death. She asked me to kill him, but I refused. She once brought me a piece of meat and asked me to shoot it. I fired, but I yelled at her, “You can’t do that.” She was extremely furious afterward, Erdi testified before the Turkish prosecutor’s office.

    The Turkish beauty prepared everything for the murder of her husband, procured a weapon that her lover was supposed to use, announced that she would contact another paid killer and offer him a sum of 1.2 million, but fortunately, the lover decided to admit everything and save the former football player.

    Latest Posts


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