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    Google called the Russian application “2GIS” malicious

    Google Play's Security Alert on "2GIS": Navigating the Complex World of App Privacy

    In a significant development in the realm of app security, Google Play’s system has recently flagged the Russian navigation service “2GIS” as potentially malicious. This move, highlighting the ongoing challenges in digital security and user privacy, has sparked a debate over the safety of personal data in mobile applications.

    According to reports from TASS, which reference the developers of “2GIS”, users of this popular Russian service have started receiving alarming notifications from Google Play. These warnings suggest that “2GIS” might be attempting unauthorized access to sensitive personal data, including text messages, photographs, audio recordings, and call logs. Such allegations, if proven true, could have serious implications for user privacy and data security.

    However, the developers behind “2GIS” have strongly refuted these claims. They assert that their application is entirely secure and does not pose any threat to its users. In their defense, they have pointed out that “2GIS” has been temporarily unavailable on the Google Play store since May 2023. The notifications, they argue, are a result of Google’s overarching policies that uniformly apply to all apps currently not accessible on the platform.

    The developers further clarified the necessity of certain permissions for the app’s functionality. For instance, access to the microphone and call logs is required for voice control features and for enabling users to make direct calls to businesses listed on the app’s maps. This explanation aims to reassure users that these permissions are intended for enhancing user experience and functionality, rather than for covert data harvesting.

    This incident with “2GIS” comes against the backdrop of heightened concerns over digital privacy and data security. With increasing instances of data breaches and leaks, users and regulatory bodies are becoming more vigilant about the apps they use and the permissions they grant. The recent leak of 5 terabytes of Russian citizens’ data by hackers only adds to these growing concerns, underscoring the need for robust security measures and transparent data handling practices in digital applications.

    As the situation unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between functionality and privacy in the digital age. Users are encouraged to stay informed and cautious about the permissions they grant to applications, while developers and platforms like Google Play must continue to uphold high standards of security and transparency.

    This development in the case of “2GIS” is not just a singular event but a part of a larger narrative in the tech world, where the safety of personal data is increasingly becoming a paramount concern for users, developers, and regulatory bodies alike.

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