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    She managed to escape the serial killer who captured and raped her when she was only 15

    When she was 15, Kara Robinson Chamberlain was abducted by a serial killer, whom she, fortunately, managed to escape. That brave woman is now using the TikTok platform to share her story with the public, but also to help other victims learn to deal with their traumas.

    He shares his shocking story with the public on a daily basis and helps other victims learn to deal with trauma

    This girl is followed by more than 180,000 people on TikTok, but no one would envy her for the reason for her popularity.

    In June 2002, Kara visited a friend and her mother asked them to water her flowers in front of the house. Kara offered to do it alone while a friend took a shower. As she was watering the flowers, an unknown man approached her under the pretext that he wanted to give her some brochures, and then he pointed a gun at her and made her get into his car.

    That man was Richard Evonitz, a serial killer who has been proven to have three murders and is suspected of several more. He drove Kara to his apartment, where she stayed for 18 hours when he raped her. After the monster fell asleep, the then 15-year-old girl managed to free herself from the rope with which he tied her and fled. She stopped a motorcyclist on the street who drove her to the police.

    Chamberlain only found out later that she had managed to escape the serial killer. Police managed to find Evonitz – although he disappeared from the city as soon as he realized that his victim had escaped. His arrest never occurred because he committed suicide when he realized he was surrounded by police and could not escape.

    After graduating from high school, Kara became a policewoman and during her career in the police, she worked on cases of sexual assault and child abuse. After that, she also worked with victims of abuse. After the birth of two sons, she left her police career and decided to become a motivational speaker. She was inspired by her participation in the documentary, in which she, along with five other victims, shared her story.

    -It helped me understand how much more powerful I feel like a woman when I talk about it and how much I can help others feel more powerful.

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