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    Patricia Sosa revealed that she was offered a millionaire sum to be vice president

    The singer said that an official wanted to give her that sum of money so that she could integrate her presidential formula in the 2015 elections

    It seems that her impeccable career and her solidarity profile made someone see a possible political candidate in her. And, when she least expected it, Patricia Sosa received a tempting proposal that few would have dared to reject. However, true to her instincts, the singer decided to rule it out outright. She did not regret it. And, just several years later, did she tell it publicly.

    Invited to We Can Talk, by Telefe, the interpreter of Aprender a Volar did not hesitate to go to the meeting point when Andy Kusnetzoff summoned “those who once lost a significant sum of money. ” And, after confessing that she had turned down a very interesting offer to pose nude for Playboy Magazine, she surprised everyone with an unexpected tale.

    “ Once I get a proposal, I am not going to give names, of a governor. A proposal to form the presidential formula with him ”, said the singer making the driver exclaim in astonishment. “The same thing I said: ‘What?’ It was El Chabon and Patricia Sosa. Me, vice president. Do you understand? ”, He continued explaining.

    First, he found it funny. “I thought it was a joke, obviously,” Patricia noted. But the civil servant insisted and, as she refused to accede to the candidacy, he was increasing his economic proposal. ” It went up to one million five hundred thousand dollars, ” revealed the singer.

    Once again, the host made an exclamation, implying that he couldn’t believe what his guest was saying. “You listened? One million five hundred thousand dollars ”, Patricia repeated then to clear up all kinds of doubts. And she confessed that her husband, Oscar Mediavilla, called her to say: “Look, think about it.”

    How did the story end? “I was in Santa Fe touring. I remember we were on the bus and they puffed me up with this. Until the governor’s secretary calls me and says: ‘The governor tells me where he is, that he knows he is in Santa Fe and that he is going to go with his helicopter to meet you.’ And I said to him: ‘It is that here it is cut, hello, hello….’ I cut off and turned off (the phone) ”, said the singer.

    Patricia had already advanced that she was not going to reveal the identity of the official in question. However, between Andy and Claudia Fontan, another of the guests on the program, they were in charge of taking out some clues. What year was it? ” Not this last election, in the other, ” said the singer, implying that it had been in 2015.

    Who was the governor? “You think: advertising, we screwed with the musicians, Carlitos Bala had to do it,” Patricia replied. And she joked: “Imagine me, President of the Senate. They all get nervous to argue and I: ‘Breath, breathe … Dedicated to those who are…. Let’s see the senator’s hands … Desperate ‘. What is this ridiculousness? ”

    At that moment, and ready to get the name of the politician in question, the Gunda asked him about the geographical region of the province. ” Argentine Northwest, Whose ?” He consulted. And there were no doubts when the singer recognized that it began with “San.

    “Are they two brothers?” Andy confirmed then. And Patricia said yes while explaining why she had said that the publicity would be done by Bala. “He comes out and says: ‘Saasosa, Saasosa ….’” At that moment, the river blanked out that they were talking about the Rodriguez Saa. Although it was not clear if she was referring to Alberto, the current governor of San Luis, or Adolfo, who held that position in the past since by the date the offer would have occurred, the one in office was Claudio Poggi.

    Without wanting to elaborate, Patricia closed the subject saying: “ This is a bomb. They have lost a vice president of excellence ”. But then she assured that she has no interest in occupying a public position because, as she explained, “politics ages.”

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