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    Florencia de la V, shining from the stage, her time on TV and her commitment to inclusion

    For a few years, the actress responsibly assumed her activism for the rights of minorities and raised her voice on TV with this mission, which today leads her to recognize that she would like to have a space in politics.

    From the beginning of her artistic career, back in 1998, Florencia de la V established herself as a woman of strong character, which is why she starred in more than one media conflict related to her life.

    Thus, after participating in several television fictions, in addition to the scenarios in the summer season, the actress and vedette finished consolidating as a host in the program La Pelu, on Telefé, in 2012, a humor magazine with which she led the ranking in the primetime of Argentine television in those years.

    The reason for the success has an obvious answer: Flor is charismatic and has earned the affection and loyalty of the people since she started, a reason that later prompted her to take different paths over the years.

    Being a reference of the LGBTYQ + community, Florencia began to raise her voice and thus take advantage of her arrival to the people in the fight for minority rights, and became an active militant especially in her social networks, and moved away from a little of the media.

    His brief return to TV

    This 2020, Florencia returned to television and participated in Corte y Confección and was also part of the panel of the program “Mujeres” , by El Trece, along with Soledad Silveyra, Teté Coustarot, Claudia Fontán, Jimena Grandinetti and Roxi Vázquez.

    However, his stay was short, since it was a replacement for Claudia Fontan after he tested positive for COVID-19. “It was not my program. I have other projects and I want to put energy into that. I never felt that Mujeres was my show. I have a nice relationship with La Fila (the producer) and I covered them when they called me but it was not a program conceived for me. It is choral conduction and I am respectful of that, “said the actress when asked about her departure.

    However, she said that precisely with La Flia they are finishing defining a television project for her, which would be consolidated in 2021 for Channel 9. It is a program with a format similar to La Pelu that would go live at a time to be defined.

    In this way, Channel 9 is the first to recognize that they are already working on their grid for next year, with the hope that the pandemic will breathe and work in certain sectors that can be resumed.

    Your desire to join politics

    In recent years, Flor de la V became one of the public figures in the entertainment world who has campaigned the most for inclusion, and in that sense, she set out to work alongside different human rights organizations.

    This is how little by little she was “flirting” with politics, and in an interview, she gave to the cycle Por si las moscas, on Radio La Once Diez, the host was asked if she would like to make a list in next year’s legislative elections and answered “hopefully.”

    “I think politics is the only thing that can change the system and make a genuine change. Instead of complaining and talking, it seems to me that it needs to be done. And that’s what I’m doing. I want to take advantage of the powerful voice that I have, because the truth is that from this place I am doing many things, “he said.

    Following the idea, the actress and host stressed that early childhood is one of the keys to having a more egalitarian society in the future: “It is important that children who are in full training can understand and see this diversity, that they understand the gender perspective. I am fighting as a mother for the issue of ESI (Comprehensive Sexual Education) because, unfortunately, although there is an advanced law that is mandatory, it is not given in all schools, and it also depends on the teacher who takes it. So an open-minded teacher is going to have a more inclusive perspective, but if he is prejudiced, he is going to have that lowering of the line. We are talking about inclusion and visibility, which also have to do with religion and sports. It cannot be that there are girls who have to ask please to be allowed to play soccer in schools ”.

    “I want my children to live and grow up in a society that is truly much fairer, in which there is social justice. So there is a responsibility. I am working a lot with Zoom together with organizations, we think of ideas and how to contribute to ending this violent patriarchal structure because it is centuries of this structure that the only thing it did was generate violence and hatred. From my place, as a mother, and especially the mother of a girl, that women know everything they face is very important ”, she assured.

    Finally, Florencia referred to the significance of the decree of the National Government that established a minimum job quota for transvestites, transsexuals, and transgender people in the public sector: “Things are not impossible when there is a government committed to human rights. It is celebrated because it makes a repair for our group, which has been so damaged, with a life perspective of 40 years. I am glad that it is for public institutions but it should be extended to the private sector. The biggest victory will be when any trans boy or girl can occupy a place in a company ”, he concluded.

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