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    If a child cries in someone else arms it can be a signal of a serious disorder

    This, if it lasts, begins to jeopardize the mental, physical and social development of children

    If a baby cries in someone else’s arms, it only shows that the baby knows how to distinguish between known and unknown people, because he only wants the mother to do it. It is natural for your baby to feel upset when you are not next to her because experts claim that it is a healthy symbiosis of mother and newborn, so the fear of separation is defined as a normal phase in growing up that lasts until the second year of life.

    However, if this behavior continues after 24 months and lasts longer than a month in a row, you should be careful, because it can signal that it is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety due to separation from the mother in some children can be very intense and they can not relax at any time that includes time spent without the mother’s presence, so they do not want to go on excursions, birthdays of peers, recreational classes …

    The very thought of traveling somewhere without a mother makes them uneasy. Experts warn that, if it lasts, it begins to endanger the mental, physical and social development of the child, since the child is under constant stress and in a panic that it will separate him from the main figure in his life. Signals that anxiety is in the announcement are an overemphasized fear for safety, self-destruction, depression, insomnia, frequent mood swings, but also physical manifestations such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness …

    This further leads to the development of phobias and a lack of self-confidence, which is why it is necessary to turn to experts for help, in order to prevent further progression of the disorder in time, which can endanger your child’s life.

    Latest Posts


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