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    Ignition sold to Denmark for tens of millions of ISK

    The star of Landsmot 2018, the prize horse Kveikur fra Stangarlaek 1, has been sold to Denmark for record money. The owners say they will miss him but the decision was made after the Landsmot in Hella was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Kveik’s descendant’s number two hundred and their eleven owners say they have a great taste for their father.

    Eidfaxi reports on the sale which can be said to be a record sale of Icelandic stallions abroad. Ragna Bjornsdottir and Birgir Leo Olafsson, owners of Kveik, do not want to comment on the purchase price. They say it’s hard to look after Kveiki.

    Kveikur shot to stardom at the LandsmOt equestrian competition in Reykjavik in the summer of 2018. There he received a grade of ten for tolt and will and temperament. Eidfaxi’s website says that his interaction with the rider, Adalheidur Anna Gudjonsdottir, will be remembered for a long time.

    The owners say that the national tournament this summer should have been Kveik’s last tournament. Negotiations on the sale began after the Reykjavik Championships in early July. It was not an easy decision to sell. Kveikur was trained by Reynir Erni Palmason at Margretarhof.

    “This is a unique chief who is an incredibly good-natured and fun horse, he has everything with him,” said Adalheidur Anna rider in an interview with Magnus Hlyn Hreidarsson in the summer of 2018. Kveikur was kept in insemination, instead of chasing mares out in the peat bog. , and high demand for the performance at the national tournament.

    The foal toll amounted to 250 thousand ISK and it was estimated that it would be used on about a hundred mares that summer. One more additional sperm had been ordered in the summer of 2019.

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