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    Unleashing Legendary Feats in ‘The Monkey King’- Jimmy O. Yang and Bowen Yang Engage in Epic Animated Quest

    Netflix's Spectacul-errific Action-Adventure Takes Viewers on a Mythical Journey of Heroism and Redemption

    Netflix has announced the release of its latest animated cinematic masterpiece, ‘The Monkey King,’ featuring an all-star cast led by the exceptionally talented Jimmy O. Yang and Bowen Yang. This comedic action-adventure takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through a realm of ancient gods, mythical creatures, and self-discovery.

    In the riveting trailer unveiled on Monday, viewers were treated to more than two minutes of captivating footage, showcasing Jimmy O. Yang’s heroic portrayal of the indomitable Monkey King. The story unfolds in a time when gods and demons roamed the lands, and the Monkey King finds himself entangled in an existential struggle against demons, dragons, and his own ego.

    As an outsider in his own community, the Monkey King’s determination to prove himself is unyielding. Accompanied by his loyal and steadfast companion, “stick” voiced by the talented Nan Li, he embarks on a formidable quest to defeat a staggering 100 demons, hoping to catch the attention of “the immortal ones.”

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    Yet, despite the trials he faces, the Monkey King receives scant support from those who should have been his allies. Driven by a desire to protect the vulnerable, the Monkey King takes his valiant stand in a human village. There, he confronts the fiery demon Red Girl, portrayed with fiery intensity by Sophie Wu. Sadly, his attempt to safeguard the village inadvertently causes chaos, nearly shattering the very community he sought to protect.

    But in the midst of this tumultuous turn of events, the Monkey King encounters Lin, portrayed with an endearing tenacity by Jolie Hoang-Rappaport. Fascinated by the Monkey King’s grandeur and heroism, she implores him to let her join the epic quest as his “humble assistant.”

    Yang’s portrayal of the Monkey King reflects his character’s strong-willed nature as he initially rebuffs Lin’s offer, uttering a resolute “hard pass” in the trailer. However, Lin’s earnestness tugs at his heartstrings, prompting her to plead, “Please, I just want to do big things someday, like you.”

    Their ensuing partnership takes them on a perilous journey, as they face the wrath of the formidable Dragon King, magnificently brought to life by the inimitable Bowen Yang. Beyond the external challenges, the Monkey King’s most formidable foe lies within himself, as he grapples with the depths of his own ego. It is a test of his mettle to prove his worthiness in the face of adversity.

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    Amidst the jaw-dropping animation and thrilling action sequences, ‘The Monkey King’ boasts an ensemble cast that adds depth and charisma to the story. BD Wong, Ron Yuan, Hoon Lee, Andrew Kishino, Jodi Long, James Sie, Andrew Pang, and Kuno Inghram deliver stellar performances that add to the film’s richness.

    The creative vision behind ‘The Monkey King’ is spearheaded by the accomplished director Anthony Stacchi, known for his exceptional work on ‘The Boxtrolls’ and ‘Open Season.’ Teaming up with the brilliant animators at ReelFX, Stacchi brings the mystical world of gods and demons to life, captivating audiences with awe-inspiring visuals.

    Produced by the visionary Peilin Chou, whose previous works include ‘Over the Moon’ and ‘Abominable,’ ‘The Monkey King’ is backed by executive producer Stephen Chow, renowned for his contributions to the cinematic masterpieces ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ and ‘Shaolin Soccer.’
    ‘The Monkey King’ promises to be an extraordinary cinematic experience, a visually striking adventure that transcends time and space, and a tale of heroism, redemption, and the triumph of the human spirit. Mark your calendars for its release and get ready to be enthralled by this epic animated quest unlike any other.

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