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    FORMER FIRST LADY Michelle Obama explained why she wanted to throw Baraka out the window

    She told young couples that exclusive communication via social networks is not the way to a long-term relationship, writes “Daily mail”

    Former US First Lady Michelle Obama admitted that there were “moments when she wanted to throw her husband Barack out the window”, but added that despite the ups and downs, the two have a very stable marriage.

    M ladim couples have announced that exclusive communication via social networks is not the path to long-term bonds, writes “Daily Mail”.

    Michelle and Barak, the former president of the United States, will celebrate the 28th anniversary of their marriage on October 3, from which they have two daughters.

    She compared choosing a husband or wife to choose a player for a basketball team: “I married my version of LeBron.”

    – If we look at marriage as a team, you want your teammate to be the winner. You want LeBron, you know – she said and added that there were “moments when she wanted to throw Barack out the window, and I say that because you need to know that emotions will be intense”.

    – But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. And those periods can last a long time. They can last for years – said Michelle.

    She wrote on her Instagram account on Sunday that marriage “requires a lot of work, honesty with both yourself and your partner.”

    – That’s one thing I learned. I would like to hear some of the things you have learned about marriage and yourself – she wrote, addressing her companions, of whom there are 42 million. She received more than two million “likes” on that announcement.


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